My open letter to President Barack Obama

My open letter to President Barack Obama,
Mr. President, Why do you constantly accuse Americans of being bigoted, rasicist, homophobic, sexist, non inclusive and intolerant? Why do you hate and distrust America and its fundemental values of individual freedom, individual sovereignty and self governance? Why do you constantly bring up past sins…..we have laws that have righted those wrongs. We even fought wars to right those wrongs. Whenever we ignore our Constitution, Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence, our nation and our people suffer, other peoples suffer. You are doing that now, Mr. President.. Americans are not the enemy. America is not your enemy. Our existential common enemy is Radical Islam and its bigoted,mysogynistic, homophobic, religous intolerant, supremacist poltical theology.. It is Radical Islam that is intolerant, not We The People. Why not stop immigration from Radical Islamic hotspots areound the world TEMPORARILY,  just like you ddi with Iraqi refugees in 2011. Why not resettle the Syrian refugees in a safe zone, protected and supprted by our coalition , so that they can build their homes again. Why not find out why first generation Muslim Immigrants are not assimilating, embracing our Constitution and our American freedoms? Why not kick out the foreign IMans who are teaching their poisonous intolerant supremacist doctrine?  Why not enforce the laws that say that no criminal can own a gun? Why not make it easier to put those Islamists who are or were on a watchlist on the NO Buy list in Niks?  Why not make it easier to put the violent mentally ill on the NO buy list?  Why not make it easier to put Domestic abusers on a No buy list? Why make buying a gun so expensive that regular Americans cannot have one to defend themselves?  Why not pass the Jollley bill so that if you are on a no buy list without cause you have a path to gain your second amendment rights back? Americans are buying guns to defend themselves in record numbers because we know that law enforcement shows up after a crime is committed and because we do not trust our government to defend and protect us.  Why not find those purged documents that connected Radical Islamic supporter groups in the US and why not find those purged documents that listed the Radical Islamic mosques in America? Why not spy on them instead of us, the regular law abiding citizen? Why did you purge those documents, Mr. President. Has your bigotry against America and your romanticized view of Islam, caused you to put our people in danger, while you right America’s past wrongs? Why have you sacrificed our safety for polictal correctness and to make America pay for your notion that America is not a good and just nation.?


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