Why is it so important for Obama to depose Assad from Syria

Assad has never been America’s enemy. Why did Obama and Hillary encourage a revolution there and then arm Radical Islamists with Libyan arms, to fight him? Why do they want to depose Assad and what will replace him? Will the Islamists and Sharia take charge?  Khadaffi was not our enemy. He no longer supported terrorism. In fact he fed us intel. Why did Obama and Hillary Clinton depose him and why did they not help to stabilize the new government afterwards? For that matter, what was NATO thinking? Why did Hillary Clinton, with the consent of Obama, decrease security for the Libyan Embassy personnel and then refuse the many requests for more security? Why did Hillary Clinton send Ambassador Stevens to Benghazi on 911 without proper security? Why did Obama and Clinton refuse to send help when our Embassy personnel and CIA were under attack? Was there any truth to the rumor that the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood were attempting to kidnap the Ambassador and exchange him for the blind sheik? Obama and Hillary Clinton supported the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. They still do and they have tried to undermine El Sisi at every turn. Did they know about the kidnapping? Is that why they lied about the video and drug their feet on investigating and silenced survivors for so long?  Obama and Hillary Clinton have encouraged revolution and regime change all over the world, even in the Ukraine. Why?


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