How soon do we start regulating and limiting the purchase of Pressure Cookers?

Radical Islam wrote the book “A 1001 Ways to Murder the Infidel”. How soon do we stop, regulate or limit the purchases of pressure cookers, pipes, gas, tall buildings, stones, sabers, knives, water, household chemicals, rope, etc.? The gun is NOT our enemy. It is our defense and our hunting tool. It is our recreational fun.  Radical Islam and its misogynistic, homophobic, bigoted, violent, supremacist doctrine is our enemy. It is the existential enemy of the world. There can  be no coexistence with such obscenity for the modern world. So why don’t we give Islamic Reformers, who reject political Islam, Sharia and the barbarism of 600AD;  Why don’t we give the reformers a national and political platform. We hear Radical Islam’s propaganda, but where is the counter narrative to it? Obama’s advisor, The Muslim Brotherhood are an ineffective voice for Islamic Reform. It should be noted, they are, after all, the mother of all the Sunni Radical Islamist groups. Why not help Muslim Immigrants to assimilate, embrace our Constitution and obey our laws, instead of encouraging their separateness and  non assimilation? Clearly first generation Muslims are having a terrible time assimilating. Too many are being radicalized and too many of their parents will not embrace our Constitutional freedoms.  There may be other terrorists/militias in our land, but Radical Islam is the one doing the killing right now.  We are stopping other terrorists, but the PC police are preventing us from stopping the Islamist terrorists. The FBI says they are overburdened. Why not share information with local and state law enforcement? I thought that was what the Patriot Act said. There are two other groups , besides terrorists, who cause mass murder. The illegal drug trade and criminal activity kill and wound thousands every year.  Why not stop the drugs from coming in?  Why not educate and rehabilitate the youth in our inner cities, providing them job training, creating jobs and a better future? The violent mentally ill is the third group. We need to make it easier to force treatment on the violent mentally ill and we need to grow our mental health care system, offering quality care to all.  We need to make it easier to list potential terrorists, criminals and the violently mentally ill in NICS. Why not enhance that program? Why not fix the reasons for mass murders instead of passing more feckless gun laws? There were too many signs that the Orlando shooter was a terrorist. Those signs were ignored because he was a Muslim and there is a hesitancy in our government and even in the private sector to report concerns. Clearly, Political Correct policies and reckless Rules of Engagement mandates are killing us, along with incompetence. The South Carolina shooter was on the NICS list, but NICS failed to report him. The Ct murderer was mentally ill. His family and his schools failed to report him and get him help. His mother even bought him guns, she was in such denial. The Father and the Brother knew but they did nothing. They abandoned the Mother who cared for him. The Mental Health system failed because the shooter was an adult and could choose whether he got help.  The Fort Hood Shooter, the Boston Bombers, the San Bernardino shooters, the Orlando Shooter were all known Islamists with ties to Radical Islamists. Their families and their friends knew and said nothing. The PC shackled government bureaucracies knew and did nothing to stop him.  Heavens, why didn’t the FBI or even his DHS employer give a heads up to local and state law enforcement?  I vote with Fix the problems and stop exploiting these tragedies for political and ideological gain. We know what the causes are for mass murders and the gun is not one of those causes.

Americans are arming themselves and their families because our government has failed to protect us and it refuses to fix the problems that cause mass murders.  Americans know that law enforcement and first responders show up after a crime is committed.


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