Our government leaders would rather distract from the real reasons for mass murder in America than solve the problem.

Sadly, Democrats have conspired to lie to the American people about assault guns. The AR15 shoots just like a hunting rifle. The AR15 just looks like a military gun. As for your “9 out of 10 people want some restrictions on guns” mantra—-we have that. For the Democrats to exploit this tragedy for political and ideological gain, is despicable.  Enhance the NICS program and make it easier to put people on that list. There are three types of people who commit mass murder. They are the violent mentally ill, the criminals affiliated with the drug trade, and the terrorists. Make it easier to put those three groups of people on the NICS list and make NICS work 100% of the time. It is a lie that you can buy guns off the internet without a NICS approval. All guns bought off the internet must be sent to a gun dealer for the buyer to pick up. The gun dealer identifies the buyer and he runs a NIC approval. As for the gun shows,  Most guns sold there are sold by gun dealers. They run a NICS on everyone of their buyers. It would be easy for the gun dealers to run NICS for the few private sellers there, just like they do for internet sales. . Mandate that if you want, but it will not keep killers from buying or stealing a gun. Democrats know that.  The third group that commit mass murder are political and ideological terrorists. Our government stops terrorists who are not Islamic terrorists, but the PC culture and the rules of engagement regarding Muslims are keeping our government from stopping radical Islamist terrorists. How stupid is that? How stupid is it to put Muslim Brotherhood members in key positions at Homeland Security? How stupid is it for our President to seek the council of the Muslim Brotherhood, knowing that the Muslim Brotherhood is the mother of all Sunni  terrorist groups? The only thing extra gun laws will do is they will disarm  and restrict the law abiding citizen. Taking away the AR15 semi auto gun will end up with the confiscation of all semi auto rifles–they are the same gun. They are just dressed differently. Democrats know this.  It is disgusting that the people like our Washington leaders and other global elitists who have 24/7 security  want to keep the regular man from protecting himself. Why is it so important to disarm Americans? Our second amendment rights are the only reason we have not been invaded by our enemies. Look around the world, the authoritarian governments always disarm their people before they gain full control of their economies, their people and their culture. Our government will not protect us. The open borders, PC insanity, dangerous Rules of Engagement and the failure to destroy Daesh, prove that. Our Government has failed time and time again to prevent terrorist attacks on us.  Americans know  that law enforcement has our back, but we also know that  they show up after a crime has been committed –until then, we are on our own. That means we fix this mess and stop with the gun control distraction. Guns aren’t the problem.  It is the terrorist, the violent mentally ill and the drug trade criminal that are responsible for the mass murders.  Our leaders have not  improved our mental health laws, secured our borders, stopped the drug trade, improved NICS, pass the Cornyn Amendment that gives a path for innocent people to remove their names from NICS,……. nor have they stopped the Islamic PC insanity that is killing us. The FBI is not sharing information with local law enforcement and state law enforcement. They could help with surveillance and yet they keep them in the dark about potential terrorists.  Our government has not helped our Muslim Immigrants to assimilate and embrace the Constitution. Muslim First generation children are not assimilating. That needs to be fixed. There can be no coexistence with Sharia laws and our Constitution. They must accept that.  The Connecticut shooter, the Boston Terrorists, The Fort Hood terrorist, the San Bernardino terrorists, the South Carolina shooter and the Orlando terrorists….all should have been on the NICS list. There was more than ample reason to have put them there. In fact, the South Carolina shooter was on that list. NICS needs to fix whatever malfunction allowed him to buy a gun.  Our government leaders lack of common sense is the problem.


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