Why I have boarded the Trump Train.

When Democrats and others accuse Trump of being a racist, a homophobe, an Islamophobe and a sexist, they accuse me, the Trump voter of those same things. I am your neighbor. I am your coworker, I am your friend. Trump voters are half of the American population.  Do you really think all of us would support a racist, a homophobe, an Islamophobe or a sexist? .  We are voting on the issues. We are sending an insulting battering ram  to the White House, someone who has the right goals and who will surround himself with experts to assist him in achieving those goals. The civility , values and manners of Mitt Romney and other Republicans have been used to defeat their conservative agenda. All  Americans, no matter your race, sex, ethnicity, religion or creed are sick to death of the corruption, the greed, the incompetence, the waste and the fraud of Washington. We realize we will lose our Republic if we do not reform, reorganization and reduce government’s footprint.  Clearly, Progressive policies have failed us. We will have doubled our debt under Obama, to a nation destroying amount of $20 Trillion. It was reckless progressive housing finance mandates and failed government oversight infected with progressive regulations, that caused the recession and ….it is progressive over regulation and taxation that is stagnating our economy and keeping us from full recovery. 43 million of our people are using Food Stamps. 93 Million American workers are not working. Our new jobs are part time entry level jobs .  Our leaders are forcing a 15 dollar an hour minimum wage, implying that is the wage to support a family on. Who wants to support our families with a burger flipper job? Who can support a family on a part time $15 job? Our entry level jobs, our part time jobs used to be for our teenagers. Now our government thinks they are for the heads of our families.  Hispanic Americans realize that terrorists and drug criminals with their poisonous product and crime are coming across our border with law abiding immigrants, too. They want our border secured and immigration reforms that answer our economic needs and refugee responsibilities, too.  Bottom line, Hispanic Americans support conservative policies. Even Hispanic refugees realize that the Marxist policies of their home country have created the oppression and poverty that they are fleeing. Electing more liberal judges who do not support the government limitations listed in our Constitution would allow for more progressive statist Marxist policies to be forced on our nation. They are starting to realize, along with African Americans that the progressive Marxists Democrat Party have exploited them to force thru the same poisonous agenda south of the border. Hispanics and African Americans, along with white America think Obama’s bathroom laws and Islamic PC insanity that is killing us, are crazy and lack common sense. I think the Dems have a rude awaking coming. After all it is all about the economy.


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