Trump dreams big and he will Make America Great Again, so that all Americans can Dream Big too.

Only Trump would have/ could have made this speech, today. He laid out the case against a President Hillary Clinton and the case for a President Donald Trump. Hillary asks, Are you with Me? I say NO. Trump says “I am with you America. I believe him. Trump is not a partisan, nor is he an ideologue. He is a pragmatist, a deal maker that will make sure America and her people come first in his future deals. He makes the goals and surrounds himself with expert advisors to find the solution to succeed in those goals. I like that. I trust his judgement in choosing the right solutions.   His goals are my goals and your goals, America. The people he surrounds himself with tell you what his solutions are. Trump dreams big and he will make America Great Again, so that all Americans can Dream Big , too……Democrats have used the civility of Republicans and media to silence their opposition. Only Trump can be as blunt and truthful as is needed to defeat the globalist agenda which Hillary promotes. It is time that America has its own Brexit. Americans cannot dream big anymore because we have bureaucracies that do not do what is best for America and her people. Regulations and taxes are written to promote international economic agendas,  not to promote American economic excellence.  They are written by International Financial Institutions and global elites. Just like the once Democratic European nations has been subverted by the Brussels Euro agenda, America is being ruled by an unelected authoritarian bureaucracy that the progressives have enslaved us with.


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