Yeah for Brexit..Yeah for the Nation state.

Just as Britain just said NO to being  governed by a small group of unelected authoritarian elite bureaucrats in the Euro, We The People are saying NO to being governed thru executive action an bureaucratic regulation.. We have a President who has ignored the Congress and it’s law making job and he has made his own law. We have a President who has used the bureaucracies to force his will on our people by over reaching regulations. We have a President who has used executive actions to change and make law and even though the Supreme Court has said that he is acting unconstitutionally and even though our courts have told him he cannot impose his will on our nation, he ignores them, inviting impeachment, knowing it would destabilize and create social unrest. Just as the Euro is driven by the international financial institutions and international corporations, our government has done the same. International banks and international corporations, along with the rich elites, are becoming richer and more powerful in America, while the regular man is losing ground. Middle Class America has decreased in number, while those in poverty have increased, with 46 million of us using Food Stamps and millions more using government welfare programs. 94 million American workers are not working and millions more are working part time, entry level jobs. The working man has lost ground in America and Great Britain. Britain has said enough of the tyranny of elite governance and America is saying NO unelected bureaucrat  tyranny, too.
As for immigration. Why aren’t we asking, why Muslims are not integrating? Why aren’t they excepting our Constitutional freedoms and values? Why aren’t we helping them assimilate, instead of encouraging their separateness? Americans want our immigrants to embrace our Constitution and obey our laws.  Sharia laws and our Constitution cannot coexist and, the misogynistic, homophobic, xenophobic, supremacist beliefs in Islam cannot coexist with American values..


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