Benghazi Report is an indictment against Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton

Political Correctness, rules of engagement and bad judgement from the Obama Administration is killing our people. It is the only explanation for our government failing to stop people on the terror watch list from murdering our people in Boston, Fort Hood, San Bernardino, and Orlando. Blind Partisanship, the evil of the academics moral equivalency and leftist ideology have allowed the Democrats to think that those deaths and the American and foreign deaths overseas are permissible sacrifices for the greater good.  Rather than truthfully inform the American public, the liberal media with their biased reporting and their censored information have enabled the Obama Administration to continue with its flawed vision for America.  Many in the media have become state propagandists in Obamaland, more cheerleaders than protectors of liberty.  Exibit one: The Benghazi 911 attacks. Instead of asking, why the State Department sent an American Ambassador into a war zone full of Islamists without security, the media complains about the costs and time wasted on finding out the facts. Instead of asking why the Obama Administration obstructed at every corner, refusing to allow interviews with those that survived the Benghazi attacks and refusing to hand over documents, the media wonders if the Benghazi investigators are just on a witch hunt during election season. The media completely ignores the fact that the Benghazi attacks were 56 days before Obama’s re election and maybe that was why he sought to stop the full truth of what happened because of that fact. Instead of asking why no help was sent or even attempted in the 13 hours of Islamist attacks against our people, the media stupidly repeats the Administrations claim that no assets were in the region, despite the fact that a second drone was sent from somewhere and troops were ready to deploy in at least two places in Europe, not to mention an aircraft carrier was in the Mediterranean Sea.  They could have armed that second drone. Why didn’t they? Instead of asking why the military was kicked out from supplying security for our Libyan embassy, why security was decreased in a failed state full of Islamists and why over 100 requests for more security was denied, the media reports that there was no stand down order. They ignored the fact that the Obama Administration sent no help and the survivors had to make their own way out, depending, in the end, on the underground Kadaffi militia to escort them out.  Instead of asking why three hours after the start of the attack, a meeting was held to discuss how to politically spin the Benghazi attacks instead of how to save our people, the media attacks the messengers and ignores the lies, the deceptions, the political spin and the incompetence. What is wrong with our media? How can they not see, there is something wrong with the Obama Administration’s thinking?


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