NO, Mrs. Clinton, it is NOT time to move on..

NO Mrs Clinton, It is NOT time to move on. Your actions and non actions regarding the Benghazi attacks illuminate your very bad judgement and CYA at any cost mentality. It also shows all Americans and all people around the world President Obama’s very bad judgement and CYA at any cost mentality, too. Why was the military security kicked out of Libya? Why was security decreased in a failed state, full of Islamist terrorists? Why were over 100 requests for security denied and if, as you say you never saw them, why have you not fired the person that hid it from you? Why was there no help sent? There were troops in at least two different areas ready to deploy. There was also a Naval ship.  You and Obama’s say there was no assets available. No one believes that.  If so, why not? It was 911 and you said you were ready to respond to any attack. Why has no one been fired for this cluster !!!? No, Mrs. Clinton it is not time to move on. You have blood on your hands for what you did and did not do. You and Obama were willing to sacrifice all embassy and CIA personnel. They had to save themselves, while you two did nothing. Our people had to rent a private sector plane to go to Benghazi to fight and to get our people out. They had to enlist Kadaffi’s underground military to accompany them to the airport.  Thirteen hours and You and Obama did nothing. Shame on you both. If you and the Administration had nothing to hide regarding Benghazi, you would not have erased those emails and you would not have obstructed the investigation by refusing to allow survivor interviews and refusing to hand over documents. NO Mrs. Clinton and President Obama, It is not time to move on. Your behavior was abhorent. Your lies and obstruction are disgusting. Why did the US encourage revolution and regime change is so many nations? Why did we bomb Libya, depose Khadafy and leave it so destabilized that it has become an Islamist haven? Why did we arm Islamists to achieve those goals? Why did we intervene instead of working thru diplomatic and economic channels to reign in the dictators’ abuses instead? We have caused so much war, destruction and destabilization. Why did we intervene in Libya, Egypt, Syria, and the Ukraine? Why did we support the Muslim
Brotherhood, a Radical Islamist organization and Morsi? Why did we desert Iraq knowing that it would destabilize? Why have we tied the hands of our military so that they cannot destroy Daesh or Afghanistan’s Taliban and Al Qaida? No, Mrs, Clinton, it is not time to move on.


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