Hillary Clinton endangered our nation and others with her State Department use of her unsecured private servers and numerous wireless devices.

The Democrat playbook…Distract, distort, deceive and use innuendo to paint the opposition with a racist, homophobic, Islamophobic, intolerant, criminal brush but never address the problem. So far Democrat partisans have brought up the red herring of blaming all Republicans for  Zika, Donald J. Trump’s remarks, Republican remarks, Ferguson, police violence against Black people, Benghazi, Bush’s actions, White racist militant groups, but they have not addressed the fact that Hillary Clinton, a well educated lawyer with years of government service, set up several unsecured private servers and several other wireless devices for all State Department work. They do not address that Hillary Clinton could not have done her jobs without highly classified material and sensitive being on those unsecured servers. They do not address the fact that over 30,000 email documents were destroyed. They do not address the fact she destroyed public records, government documents to such an extent that only a partial recovery could be made. As for Director Comey, his testimony paint Hillary Clinton as the most dumbest of all blondes. That she had no idea she was working with classified material. That she had no idea her server could be hacked by a child and that that sensitive and classified material could be used against our people on the battlefield and in negotiations. Any idiot reading the Espionage Act knows Hillary Clinton is guilty of gross negligence. Intent is not needed to charge her with negligence.  She put our nation and all nations around the world dealing with her, in such a dangerous security risk. She has put herself at risk of being blackmailed by the personnel information and national information that has been no doubt hacked. How can we have a President that can be blackmailed? That would put our nation and our people at such risk. That potential blackmail information could put other nations at risk as well. How can we have such a reckless person with such bad judgement as our President? What nation would trust us with their sensitive information if Hillary Clinton became our leader? How could we trust her to always do what is best for our nation and our people, when she clearly chose her interests over ours with the use of her unsecured servers and unsecured wireless devices? She put her personnel need to hide her actions before the security of our nation. Was Hillary Clintons server the back door to all the other government hacks? Was Hillary Clinton’s server hacked by our enemies to kill our people on the battlefield? Was Hillary Clinton’s server hacked by our enemies regarding the schedule of Ambassador Stevens or the location of the CIA post in Libya?  Why didn’t President Obama fire Hillary Clinton or at least stop her from using this unsecure private server network? He knew how dangerous it was.  People at the State Department and in other government bureaucracies, knew how dangerous it was and they did nothing.

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