Congress slashes the IRS budget

About time….Truth be told all of our bureaucracies are incompetent and corrupt and they have been used as political and ideological weapons against us, They all have wasted our money and gave us shoddy service. Our bureaucracies are so large and powerful, they cannot be controlled by us. No one is held to account, disciplined or fired for their corrupt, incompetent and wasteful behavior. They all need to be reorganized, reformed and reduced. Budget cutting and Attrition is a good first start. Putting private sector business people with expertise is each Department’s services in charge of all reforms and reorganization is the next step to recovering our Republic.  We are being governed thru bureaucratic regulations, fees and taxes, along with Obama’s executive orders. That is not the way our Constitutions says our government should be run. Back to basics folks. That means we obey the laws that Congress and other legislators make and we obey the limitations listed in our Constitution. That means we protect our borders and our people, here and overseas. That means we balance our budget and pass business friendly tax and regulatory reforms.  That means we and our government live within our means.


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