Obama is sacrificing our way of life for his leftist vision.

I listened to Obama’s speech in Poland today. I heard Obama blame the size of the gun even though we all know mass murderers make bombs and use gas and chemicals, too. He always calls the AR15 an assault gun, but it is not. It is a semi auto, one trigger pull ,one shot gun, just like a hunting rifle. ..I heard the one the day before too. Did you? He intimated the shootings were racist based. He had no facts on the shooting, but he still called the police racists. All his surrogates and the activists, like Black Lives Matter, fell in line with the same charge of racism and grievance against white people. In the past we have seen the early reports were wrong, but the lies are still repeated as rallying cries at every protest.
. They  incited the mob and the murderers hid in the protests that they encouraged. Obama and his activists reaffirmed the murderers own moral narcissistic vision and gave them the excuse to act so obscenely.
Obama does not unite us, he does not heal the wounds we inflict on each other and he never fixes a problem, especially one he can exploit.He divides us, he disrupts, he destabilizes, he cause us to distrust each other, he deceives to force his will, his ideological and political vision on us. He is a moral narcissist who believes that all the harm he causes from his inciting rhetoric and recklessness, are necessary, permissible sacrifices for his vision to come to fruition.

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