We live in the age of the Moral Narcissist, the We Know Best Crowd are killing us.

We live in a world of Moral narcissism where people think the obscene, immoral things they do, the harm they cause with their lawlessness and anarchy, the murders they commit, the division, disrupt, and distrust they cause with their reckless rhetoric, the things they say to incite the mob are all permissible sacrifices, because they are morally right and their cause is just. Yesterday, our President, the moral narcissist in chief,  accused the police of being racist because they shot two black man. He did not know any of the facts of the shootings, but he shouted racist and incited the mob. He shamefully exploited our emotions for political and ideological gain. More moral narcissists in the form of Democrat Congressional leaders ,Governors, Mayors and activists groups, like Black Lives Matter,  followed with the same inciting, deceitful, grievance rhetoric, causing protests around the nation. They are all ambulance chasers, ready to exploit every tragedy with their army of activist organizers. Using the large groups of protestors to hide among, the moral narcissist militant activists murdered five policeman and wounded seven other policeman plus a civilian,  because they all thought their cause was just and moral. How different are they than the Radical Islamist terrorists who are driven by their barbaric supremacist political theology to murder all who do not submit themselves to their doctrine? Not much different. They excuse the harm they cause with their actions, just like the moral narcissistic murderers we see today in Dallas.
The ends do not justify the means, Mr. President. It is not right that you fuel the mobs anger with your deceptive, grievance politics. It is not right that you implied the policemen who shot the black men, were racists, without any of the facts .  It is not right that you incite and exploit our nation and our people for political and ideological gain.  The amoral narcissists in our nation have blood on their hands, this day. My dear citizens of these United States, stop allowing these amoral narcissists to exploit you and sacrifice you to their ideology and political ambitions. Gather the facts, think for yourself America.  Don’t be swayed by the moral narcissists who seek to divide, disrupt, deceive and make us distrust each other all to force their will, their ideology, their political agenda on us.

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