Barack Obama does not unite, he incites them mob to force more governement controls on us

We thought we were over racism and inequality with the election of Barack Obama, but he and his people made sure to pick that scab of racism and equality after ever tragedy, making sure it never healed. I believe our President, Democrats and activist groups exploit every tragedy for political and ideological gain. All have called for more gun control and federal control over our local and state law enforcement. Their answer to our problems is more government control and restrictions on our Constitutional freedoms. It is not the just the second amendment that is under attack by the Obama Administration, the first amendment, the fourth amendment, the fifth amendment and the tenth amendment are all under attack. As hate filled leftist supremacist groups , like Black Lives Matters , Black Liberation Army and the Black Panthers spew their distorted doctrine of grievance against authority and white people , the disaffected and the mentally ill use it to excuse their obscene acts of violence. When we are attacked by Radical Islamists, our President never addresses or fixes the real problem when is the barbaric, homophobic, misogynistic, anti Semtic , bigoted supremacist political theology that is being taught all around the world, even in the US. Our President instead accuses us of being Islamophobic and blames the size of the gun clip, even though bombs, chemicals and gas are used against us too. Whenever there is a black man shot by law enforcement our President never addresses or fixes the real reasons behind the unrest, hate and dissatisfaction of the inner city black community. Those reasons are high unemployment, increased government dependence, failed schools and increasing violent crime. Instead our President accuses our police of being racist and again blames the easy excess of gun ownership. Clearly our President is more interested in pushing his leftist agenda for more government controls over us, than fixing the very real problems in the inner city black communities. Our Inner cities have been controlled for decades by the Democrat Party and leftist community organizers and the quality of life for the people in those inner cities has worsened. The President and the Democrats force failed union controlled government schools on their people. The Unions prevent the schools from getting rid of bad teachers, pedophiles and other criminals. Democrat held cities refuse to allow school choice, even though they know there is more opportunity to receive a quality education and get out of the impoverished inner city. Instead of securing our borders and stopping the drugs, the cartels and the gangs from coming into our cities, our President, Democrats and leftist activist organizations pursue grievance politics blaming Republicans for the plight of the inner city, blaming the gun and the size of the gun clip for the violence. Instead of controlling immigration so that there is not a glut of employees clamoring for jobs, our President and his people open our borders and accuse those that do want to secure them of being racists, bigots and Islamophobics. Is it any wonder our inner city black community does not have the opportunity to pursue their American Dream, like the rest of America does? Barack Obama did not unite America, he divided it and made us distrust one another. His rhetoric incited the mob, causing the chaos, the violence and destabilization needed for him to force more centralized government controls over us. The protestors, the black community and the Hispanic are Obama’s useful idiots, to be used and sacrificed for his leftist vision for America. Answer this, how can law enforcement go into an inner city community and ever trust that they will not be shot at, when their is so much distrust and disrespect for police officers?  It is that disrespect and distrust that fuels the resistance behavior when law enforcement confronts the black man. Law enforcement keeps our communities safe and keep them from becoming an anarchist’s vision and a criminal’s utopia?

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