My open letter to President Obama regarding Radical Islam and its barbaric supremacist political theology.

Obama, enough of your globalist clap trap. Defend America and the modern world. This is not a school room. There can be NO coexistence with Radical Islam and its barbaric supremacist political theology. Your policies are NOT working. Destroy Raqqa, wipe it out. Destroy the oil fields, oil infrastructure and every damn ship that is carrying Radical Islamic oil. Secure our borders and STOP the Muslim Refugee agenda. Make a safe zone in the area. secure and protect it and help them build their cities. Stop arming the Radical Islamists who say they will fight Assad. Assad could have been handled in a diplomaticNo matter that most of those jobs are part time and low paying jobs because of the anti business regulations and taxes that you, Mr. President have forced on our nation. Never mind there are 94 million American workers who are not even looking for a job. Never mind we have 43 million Americans using food stamps and heaven knows how many are using Medicaid and other welfare benefits. To think that $15 dollar an hour, entry level jobs are all we aspire to is an insult to all of America. Entry level jobs are for teens and college kids, not for heads of families and $15 an hour will kill that for America. Shame on you for punishing America because of your bigoted anti American leftist vision. America gave you so much but you do not have her back.
manner and with sanctions. So could Khadaffi and Mubarak. You have encouraged and funded revolution and regime change. You need to cut that interventionist insanity out. You, Hillary Clinton and John Kerry have destabilized the world with your incompetent, corrupt, bigoted, ideologically driven foreign policy. ENOUGH, you have done enough harm. . We need to give the counter narrative to the evilness and falseness of Radical Islamic doctrine. Killing the Islamists, using a whack A mole strategy will not destroy the false doctrine from being taught around the world. We have Islamic Reformers in America who deny political Islam and its doctrine. We have Islamic Reformers in America who have embraced our Constitution, our Declaration of Independence and our rule of law. They should have a national platform, not the Muslim Brotherhood, who is the mother of all Sunni terrorist groups. Their political theology is the same and YOU know it. We must have a propaganda policy against Radical Islam’s doctrine or we will be playing whac a mole for a hundred years. Choose America. Put America first, Mr President. Put aside your bigotry against us. and defend us.

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