The anger and diseffection is not about racism or White privilege.

This white privilege crap and racist charges are a distraction from the real problems that progressive policies have caused. The real problems that need to be fixed are high unemployment, failed schools and increasing violent crime. The reason they are not fixed is because of the elected officials and the policies they pass. Our job creators, our innovators, our researchers and developers do not have the trillions of dollars in investment monies that will not come to our shores because of the anti business tax and regulatory abuses in this nation.. The reason they are not fixed are because of the political leadership and community leaders who spew empty, divisive rhetoric of hate and grievance but do nothing to fix the real problems that cause the disaffection, disrespect, distrust and resistance for all authority. in the inner city black communities. . That distrust and disrespect,.with the accompanying resistance, are getting people killed by law enforcement. Racism has nothing to do with it. More police are in the inner city because they are high crime areas. Three things need to be done right away if we are to fix the problems. First we secure our borders and keep out the drugs&people connected to them .. Most of the violent crime is connected to the drug trade, the gangs and their poisonous product. Second we must give our people school choice. Unions are protecting the bad teachers, the pedophiles and the criminals employed by our government schools. No one can be fired and the Democrat Party will do nothing because the majority of UNION money goes to them. Every child who graduates should have the skills to support themselves. That means every child must be educated in a vocational career of their choice. Higher education should be provided by those children that want it. The private sector and businesses should be encouraged to provide those monies. And finally, businesses should be encouraged to invest in the inner city employment, thru tax deferrals and regulations. We can do this. We can fix this. It just takes the will. The plans are already written. They have been written for decades. Unfortunately, Democrats will not be the ones to carry them out. They are not interested in fixing things. The only exploit the chaos and instability that the anger and hopelessness in the inner cities create–all for political and ideological gain. Your read Rules for Radicals and you see that playbook being carried out in our nation. We need to wake up or there will be no Republic.

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