Regarding the liberal media and Democrat attack on Melania Trump.

The liberal media and the Democrats have attacked Melania Trump, ridiculously accusing her of plagiarizing Michele Obama’s convention speech in 2008. Why would she do that? Melania is a very intelligent, well spoken woman, she would not need to.  Are the liberal media and the Democrats trying to attach the sexist”all Republican women are ignorant” label on Melania, too, just as they have done to all other Republican women in the past? They have even called our Black Republican family uncle Toms and ignorant people. How do Democrats get away with such sexist, misogynist, bigoted and racist statements?
 Melania expressed the same views most Americans believe in.  Michelle Obama does not corner the market on those views.  Hard work is needed to succeed and to achieve what you want in life.  Melania’s personnel success story before she married the Donald, shows she believes in that creed and that she was more than willing to do that.  We should respect one another. We should care for each other. We must be truthful and our word should be our bond. All children need and should have a good education. We all want all children to succeed. Families must be strong and loyal for their children to achieve their goals. All children must have opportunities to succeed and we should share our moral values with our children. We have all said these things. We all believe these things that Melania articulated so meaningfully. Are we all plagiarists, now? Is Michelle Obama so narcissistic that she would think that those beliefs and those values can be espoused by only Democrats and her?  Are Democrats so original in thought that only they can have these beliefs and values? Do the Democrats and the lib media think that only they know what is best for We the People and only Democrats and the Lib media know what we must believe in?  What Hubris! This shameful attack on Melania, is moral narcissism and Rules for Democrat Radicals at its worst, all to silence her heart felt message to America and the world.  What amoral, obscene, hateful, deceitful things will the Dems and the lib media say about Trump’s children? 
I liked how Melania said that Donald Trump would never turn his back our nation and her people. I liked that she said that Donald Trump would never give up on fixing our nation’s problems. I like that she said Trump would never let us down and he would keep his promises.  I like how she said Trump gets things done. I like that she said Trump will make America great again for all Americans. I liked that she said Trump has always treated everyone equal and with respect. I like she bragged on Trump’s loyalty to family, friends, acquaintances and employees.  I liked that she said he was a great leader.  I like that she said she and he love this nation and her people. I love  that she said both she and he are proud of being  United States citizens.  I like that she is proud of her husband. I like that she respects and trusts her husband.  It makes me believe We the People can too.
I liked Melania. I like her humbleness in excepting  her opportunity to be our First Lady, her thankfulness for all she has been blessed with and I like her gracious manners. I loved her loyalty, pride and praise for her family, including Donald’s other children, her parents and Donald’s parents. Sometimes, Americans need a new citizens to remind us how very special our nation is and what a beacon for individual freedom and hope for everyone around the world, she is.  Melania Trump will be a great First Lady and she will make us proud to be Americans, again.

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