It really doesn’t matter who did the hacking. It is the contents that matter,now.

The lib media should be ashamed of themselves for helping the Democrats spread the canard of Trump and Putin colluding. Maybe they do think that Russia is spying on us and is trying to influence our election since Obama has done both. He interfered in the Israeli election, going so far as to fund the Netanyahu opposition and he did spy not only on our enemies but also our allies. How he got away with spying on Germany’s  Chancellor Merkel, I do not know.
It really does not matter who hacked the DNC. It is the contents of the email we should be concerned with. If I were a Democrat, I would be really be concerned that the democratic process is being undermined by a political organization that resembles organized crime. There can be no doubt that Hillary Clinton colluded with Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Hillary even hired her after she was fired from the DNC. I don’t understand Bernie supporting a candidate who did what they did to defeat him. If a candidate is willing to do anything to win the Democrat nomination, what would she do as President to force her will? Hillary has so much scandal attached to her and she just added to it as Secretary of State. What does it say about her judgement when she decreased security and refused over 100 requests for more security, for our Embassy personnel in the Libyan destabilized failing state, where Radical islamists roamed and threatened? What does it say about her judgement when she supported a foreign policy that encouraged revolution and regime change for Libya, Syria, Egypt, Tunisia and the Ukraine. The Ukraine lost Crimea because she and Obama decided to interfere in their politics. What does it say about Hillary Clinton’s judgement when she supported a policy to arm Radical Islamists to depose Khadafi and Assad? What does it say about her judgement when she supported the oppressive Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt? Thank goodness the Egyptians with the help of Gen El Sisi said no to that insanity and kicked them out. What does it say about her judgement when she chose to conduct sensitive and classified State Department business on unsecured servers and several unsecured wireless devices? Were her unsecured servers and wireless devices used as a backdoor to other government hacks, including the DNC? Probably. What does it say about Hillary Clinton’s judgement when Clinton Foundation donations and Clinton Family speech fees coincided with government favors and deals? It is Hillary Clinton who is the security risk. Our enemies know our national secrets and her personnel secrets. That is blackmail material. It would be better for America and the world to have all her deleted emails revealed to stop future blackmail that would undermine the interests of our nation and the world. Hillary Clinton has a crisis of character, not Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton is a security risk, not Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton has a bad temperament, according to numerous law enforcement and Secret Service sources, not Donald Trump.
And for crying out loud, American Government, secure your digital information. This cannot go on.

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