Trump and the Democrat exploited family of American hero, U.S. Army Captain Humayun Khan

Mr. Khan’s anger should be directed at Sadaam Hussein, his evil sons and AL Qaeda. who are responsible for his son’s death Mr. Khan’s anger should be aimed at President GW Bush, 99.9% of Congress, including Hillary Clinton and most of the American people, the “Coalition of the Willing”, even the UN, who all supported the Iraq invasion. Donald J. Trump was a businessman at that time. From a business point of view, he apposed the invasion but sympathized with the effort.
Trump wants our borders secure because not only are poisonous, deadly drugs and violent criminals coming in with the refugees, Radical Islamic terrorists are coming in also. Trump wants to stop Muslim Immigration from Syria because our government has said they cannot be vetted properly. Trump wants to stop Muslim immigration temporarily because of the violent unrest all over the world involving radical Islamists and because a small part of our Muslim immigrants are not assimilating. Trump wants to help our Muslim immigrants with their assimilation and acceptance/obediance to our Constitution and rule of law. Trump knows we must stop the teaching of the intolerant doctrine of Radical Islam, especially in America. Trump knows that we must solve this problem of non assimilation and proper, secure vetting, before we continue with Muslim immigration, otherwise we will have the daily bombings that Europe is facing today because they did not control their borders and immigration.
Mr. Khan’s son died in 2004. He joined our military because he had assimilated. He had embraced our Constitution and rule of law. He wanted to defend his country against Radical Islam. He is a hero. He was an American. He loved our country. U.S. Army Captain Humayun Khan died defending our country and our people. His Father, Mr. Khan has allowed himself to be exploited by the Democrat Party. His anger is misplaced. He should be angry at President Obama and Hillary Clinton who left Iraq and they allowed it to become unstable again with the sectarian disruption that allowed ISIS and Al Qaeda to grow and gain strength. It was Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama’s foreign policy that has destabilized the Middle East and caused the refugee problem in Europe. They ran a policy that encouraged revolution and regime change in Syria, Egypt, Libya, and Tunisia. They even armed Radical Islamists to depose Kaddafi and Assad and they supported the oppressive Muslim Brotherhood regime in Egypt after the revolution. Thank goodness the people said no and with the help of Genera El Sisi kicked them out. Mr. Khan should direct his anger at those responsible for his son’s death and those responsible for the destabilization in the Middle East, not at the man that wants to fix the mess.
As for Mrs. Khan being insulted by Trump inferring she was not allowed to speak. Mr. Khan was angry before that slight. The slight originated from the belief that political Islam preaches a very misogynistic and sexist doctrine. Mr. Khan had that belief when he lived in UAE and in Pakistan, didn’t he? This slight originates from the fact that most Americans believe that most new Muslims immigrants believe women are subordinate to men. Are most Americans wrong in that belief? is it too politically incorrect to say this truth? Is it too impolite to say this truth? Why has no one in the media asked Why President Obama and Hillary Clinton choose to use Muslim Brotherhood advisors instead of the Islamic Reformers, like Dr Zhudi Jasser,, who reject political Islam and embrace the Constitution.

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