Dear Milwaukee Protestors, you are being used.

Dear Milwaukee Protestors,
You are being used by leftist activists, like the New Black Panthers, Black Lives Matters, Democrat activists and George Soros. For decades the inner cities have voted Democrats, but the lives of the people have not improved. In fact things have gotten worse these past few years. Violent crime has increase, fueled by the drug trade. Schools fail to educate the children and many do not graduate, while school unions protect the bad unqualified teachers, even those that are criminals. Unemployment has increased as taxes and regulation burden small businesses. This environment of Democrat leadership failures have gone on for far too long for it not to be deliberate. We have seen decades of deterioration in quality of life in our inner cities , I have to say it is a deliberate agenda to keep the inner cities in a grievance posture, ready to explode at the least provocation with minimal incitement from leftist activists. Why would our Democrat leaders do this? Because they want to federalize the local and state police and to do that they need the violence and protest to force it thru….because they want to force more statist, big government policies on our people.  They also want to cause disruption, destabilize and chaos in an election year to gin up the vote against Republicans.
You are being used for political and ideological gains by the radical left, Milwaukee protestors. The same people, your Democrat leaders, who have turned your neighborhoods into hell holes, are telling you the police are hunting you without provocation, not trying to make your neighborhoods safe. The same political leaders are telling you it is Republicans, it is Trump who is causing your woes., despite the fact that is Democrats who have been in charge for decades. Who are the people who have invaded your communities to incite you to riot, Milwaukee protestors? Who are those outsiders who are leading and inciting? They wait in your community for the next police shooting. They spread disinformation. Today, after two days of rioting, you wake up to find the dead man pointed his gun at the policeman and would not surrender. Ask yourself what you would do Milwaukee resident. I would shoot to defend myself and so would you.  Why did your Mayor allow the rioting, especially on the second night? You are being used for political and ideological gain. You are being sacrificed, Milwaukee.
I urge our Black inner city families to look at the Republicans plan to revive the inner city. That plan has been around for decades, but you will not vote for Republicans to help you. Herman Cain included it in his Presidential Platform, but you rejected him. Ben Carson had it in his Presidential Platform, but you rejected him, too, American Black family. Carson supports Trump. He will bring that platform forward with Trump. Stop being used. Stop believing the lies and propaganda of the Democrats and leftist activists. You have signed your own suicide note decade after decade with every Democrat vote and your lives have become a hellish cycle of discontent, filled with hate. Invite the Republicans in, they can and will fix the mess, starting with securing the border to keep the drugs, cartels and foreign gangs out. Your fate is in your hands, American Black Family voters. Vote to fix the mess and stop this partisan ideological insanity , corruption and incompetence that has poisoned our Washington and local governments. One thing, Donald J. Trump is not. He is not  a partisan. He is not an ideological fanatic. He is a pragmatist. He and his team will fix the mess that our leaders have made. Vote Republican this time, Black family. Give them a chance. You can kick them out if they do not deliver a better life for you next election. Clearly, Democrats and your leftist community organizers have failed you.

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