Only Trump can fix this mess.

Trump uses the same Sal Alinsky weapons of ridicule and innuendo against his opposition that the Democrats use so well….only he has a capitalist, constitutional vision, not a leftist anti American vision. Manners, respect and civility defeated Romney. Manners, respect and civility have prevented the Republican Congress from holding Obama, Hillary Clinton and the crony corrupt Dems to account. Only this blunt insulting imprudent, rude businessman can defeat the leftists by breaking thru and revealing their deceptive double speak propaganda. Trump is a capitalist, not a socialist or Marxist. Trump is a pragmatist, not an ideologue or partisan. Ideology, personnel enrichment goals, crony corruption, incompetence and partisanship have crippled good governance in our nation and threatens our Republic. Only Trump has the will to stop it all and make our government work in an efficient, fiscally sane and just manner using common sense reforms, reorganization and solutions. His goals are our goals.  He will make the goals and he will gather an expert team to assist him in accomplishing those goals, just like he has done in his business for decades. Pragmatism and success will be the words of the day in a Trump Presidency.

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