Who believes Hillary and Bill will keep their promise to keep the Presidency and the Clinton Foundation and Clinton Family Speech fees separate?

Hillary Clinton and Bill never kept their promise to not mix State Department business with Clinton Foundation and Clinton Family speech fees. Why would we trust them to not break their promise again if we were ever so reckless and foolish as to put Hillary Clinton in the Oval Office? She sold government access and favor for personnel wealth and power.
   Bottom line, under a Hillary Administration we will see more poverty, more distance between the poor and the rich, more reduction in Middle Class numbers, more disruption, division and dissatisfaction. Already we have seen a federalization of our local and state police forces, schools, farming, our lands, energy uses. Instead of fix problems and improving people’s quality of life, Hillary and her crowd exploit problems to force more government control on our people. We also have seen the bureaucracies used as political weapons, to make laws and tax our people. We will see more Federal Government controls on our people. They are even talking of federalizing our voting systems, now.
    We will see America surrendering more of our national and individual sovereignty and rights to unelected, totalitarian, global governing bodies under a Hillary Clinton Presidency.  We will see more mass immigration, without the encouragement of assimilation and we will see more social disruption that divides our people. Just as Obama realized that globalized governance by a handful of leftist elites and international businesses and financial groups, can only happen when you stop nationalism, patriotism and allegiance to country and countrymen, Hillary Clinton  also realizes that  fact and will continue with the disruption  and destabilizing policies of the left. Obama has led us down this path blinded by his anti American leftist ideology and romanticized view of Islam. Hillary Clinton has embraced globalism for personnel enrichment and power and maybe an omage to her friend and mentor, Alinsky. This is why the global elite are so terrified of Donald J. Trump. He is a pragmatist, not an ideologue and not a partisan. He is a nationalist, not a globalist. He is a capitalist, not a socialist. He will always put the interests of America and her people first in all his decisions. In his business, he has always surrounded himself with the best advisors to assist him in accomplishing the goals he sets. His narcissism is tied to the success in accomplishing his goals, not to partisanship or ideology. He cannot be influenced by the moral narcissistic governing elite. That is why we see liberals supporting groups like Black Lives Matters and the New Black Panthers. That is why you see the condemnation, lies and public ridicule from the elites and leftists both here and around the world. Only thru disruption and destabilization from the protest groups, led by leftist fanatics who manipulate the protestors,  can they silence the common sense, empowering message of Donald J. Trump to America and the world. Things are going to get ugly. The global elites are protecting their decades old plan to conquer America and Constitutionally protected freedoms, individual sovereignty and self governance. The global elites want to return us to Serfdom. Control the usage of our  lands, our waters, our resources and our internet and you control We The People. Look at what they have done to Europe. Look at the chaos their policies have created in the Middle East and Africa.. The lefts change can only be forced on us thru disruption, division and destabilization. Trump’s change can only be done thru constitutional governance, common sense capitalist based solutions and personnel empowerment.

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