Trump vs Clinton–who is the real Mafioso, who is the real bigot?

The Dems are desperate to deflect from their flawed candidate and their corrupt incompetent Party. The only thing they can do is to demonize, yell racism and mental unfitness against Trump and Republicans.  The only thing they can do is to create more social unrest and division with their continued anti police,  anti white, deceptive, inciting rhetoric, that destabilizes, divides our nation, creates more distrust and discontent. They have nothing they can point to as an achievement or a success under Obama or under Hillary Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State. The world and our nation are in violent chaos, destabilization, social disruption and economic distress, thanks to their policies. .
Trump has followed our laws and our regulations. He would have been indicted and found guilty if he hadn’t. Trump did not make the incompetent, abusive, crony corrupt laws and  regulations. Congress and unelected bureaucrats did. I really don’t care what is in Donald J. Trump’s tax filing. His wealth and his charitable giving are none of my business. You might want to ask why the IRS is dragging their feet on the Trump audit, knowing that he is running for President, knowing the public expects disclosure. We have seen the IRS used as a political weapon before. Is this another Democrat decision to slow walk the audit so they can demonize Trump and damage his candidacy with innuendo and deceptive rhetoric? I think so.
The fact is Hillary Clinton is a woman with such bad judgement that she has been and continues to be a security risk to not only our nation, but to other nations. She set up the unsecured private servers and used  numerous unsecured  wireless devices to hide her corruption, her greed. There is no doubt her servers were hacked. Americans and people around the world are depending on those hackers to reveal the corruption of our government and theirs. Our press and our leaders are not protecting us from government corruption and incompetence. There is no doubt that Hillary Clinton had highly classified and sensitive information on her servers. Was her unsecured private network the back door to other government hacks? I think so. Our enemies not only have her secrets to blackmail her with, to force their agenda on us and the world, but they also have our national secrets and those of our allies  secrets to undermine all of our national security policies.
As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton sold government favors for Clinton Foundation and Clinton Family Foundation donations and Clinton Family speech fees. She facilitated the sale of 20% of US uranium deposits to Russia. She stopped the IRS and DOJ from obtaining all the American names of offshore UBS accounts. She has done so much harm —all for increase her power,to enrich herself and her family.
 She was instrumental in forcing the Iran Deal on the world. The Iran Deal gives a legal path to a nuclear weapons system to a Radical Islamic regime in 10 yrs. It also gave $1.7Billion to said Radical Islamic regime and largest funder of terror around the world . Hillary Clinton along with Barack Obama encouraged revolution and /or regime change in Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Syria, Ukraine and Israel. They even went so far as to arm radical Islamic militias to depose Khadafy, Mubarak and Assad. They even supported the oppressive Muslim Brotherhood regime in Egypt. Thank goodness EL Sisi and the Egyptians said no, despite US interference. They interfered in the Ukrainian and the Israeli elections by sending monetary and organizational support to opposition parties. It is the Democrat leadership who run a global Mafia, not Trump, not the Republicans or Libertarians. It is Hillary Clinton who has proven to be corrupt, incompetent, greedy and ruthless, not Trump. It is Hillary Clinton and the Democrat Party who have taken the decades old loyalty of the inner city Black Community and exploited it for political and ideological gains, keeping communities in poverty, dependence, increasing violent crime, failed schools and high unemployment with crony corrupt incompetent Progressive policies.

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