Forcing Americans to surrender to Globalism is what this election is all about.

I have come to the conclusion that I will listen to the interviews, grit my teeth at the media attack style, but skip the spin of the media commentators. What I hear and the media spin never match.
What this election is really about and why the world thinks they have a horse in this race is whether America will continue to surrender her sovereignty and her people’s constitutionally protected right to self governance and individual rights to unelected, authoritarian leftist bureaucratic and socialist globalist governing bodies or ….will America choose to .return to Constitutional governance and capitalism. When you boil it down, our leaders and the world’s leaders are upset because Donald J. Trump is a nationalist, not a globalist. He is a capitalist not a socialist or communist. He is a pragmatist, not an ideologue or partisan.
It should be noted that our Constitution protects us all from government tyranny and government overreach if we follow its mandates and guidelines. Our economy and our people thrive under our Constitution. Our people are independent under the Constitution and are given the opportunity to make their own American dream. that climb to a better life. It also keeps our nation from intervening and interfering abroad. It keeps our leaders from meddling.
President Obama and Hillary Clinton have encouraged revolution, even funded revolution and armed Radical Islamists. They have encouraged regime change in the Ukraine, Israel, Syria, Libya, Egypt, Tunisia and where else? No wonder the world is in such turmoil and destabilization with such incompetent and  corrupt aggressive actions.  The world has refugees fleeing those areas of disruption, refugees who do not assimilate and are not even encouraged to assimilate by their host nations. World leaders, including President Obama and Hillary Clinton, have increased their divisive rhetoric, creating social unrest and non allegiance in their home nations. This is meant to lead to the globalization of America and the world.  That is what this mass immigration  is all about. That is what this created social unrest is all about. That, my friends, is what this election is all about.  Globalism is why Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have recklessly returned us to a cold war footing with Russia. There is no more nationalist nation or leader.
Our professors always said there could never be a one world government because we and the world were too nationalistic, too patriotic and our peoples felt allegiance to their own country. Destroy nationalism, subvert our Constitution and rule of law and you destroy the great American experiment and the hope for self governance for all peoples. And that is what all the character assassination of Donald Trump and most Republicans is all about…a return to Serfdom, where a small group of unelected authoritarian elites control us all.

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