I want a President who loves America and her people. I want a President who will always put America first.

  1. When did it become acceptable to attack the character of our people, our nation? I want a President who is president for all the people, not a President who criticizes and demeans his fellow citizens because they do not share his ideology and anti American bigotry.  I want a  President who loves his country and her people. I want a President who will always put America first. This past week we saw our President who chastised and excoriated our nation and our people and held us up to public ridicule, several times,  while overseas, speaking before the citizens of communist nations.
    The left, the Democrats, have started to tell us exactly what they think of us. We saw this early on when Obama said we chose to cling to our religion and guns, but we ignored it.  We have seen their bigotry against the American people for decades when they  bring out the race card and social justice blather to use against their opposition every election. Obama calls us lazy, racist and ignorant, both here and abroad. Hillary Clinton calls us racist, bigoted and uninformed. Bill Clinton says the same through sly disparaging innuendo. Obama and the Clintons do not think that the regular citizen can self govern because we do not think in the right way. I call them part of the We Know Best Crowd, the moral narcissists who seek to rule over us. They will not accept the responsibility for, they will never admit their culpability, that it is they that have made such a mess of things with their failed incompetence and corruption. Their narcissism, their hubris, their greed, their power hungry selves have blinded them to their own corruption. They caused the recession with their stupid housing finance laws , their corrupt cronyism and incompetent government oversight and they have caused economic stagnation by costly overregulation and abusive taxing.
    Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, all Democrat leaders and some Progressive Republicans, don’t believe in the Founders’ vision or the great American experiment in self governance, representative government and individual sovereignty that our Constitution mandates, protects but they ignore. That is what this election is all about. Will we continue to surrender our individual liberties and sovereignty to unelected authoritarian governing bodies or will we return to the Founders’ vision. It is not just America who is being abused by the leftist authoritarian globalist agenda, it is what the Brexit vote was all about and it is what all the people in Europe are realizing. The globalist elite, the international corporations and financial institution,  hide behind their social justice, fairness and for the greater good rhetoric, but their agenda is all about control of the people, control of the world’s resources , power and greed.
    The left , the globalists,cannot force us, manipulate us, to surrender our sovereignty unless they destroy nationalism, patriotism and allegiance to country. That is what the mass immigration without assimilation, the ignoring of law, making laws w/o Congress and the created social unrest that divides our people and destabilizes, are all about. That is why our first amendment rights are being squashed thru the intimidation of abusive costly litigation, harassment by the bureaucracies, unjust laws, fascist politically correct rules and minimal free speech zones.
    The leftist leadership, worldwide, is in a panic about Trump. Trump is America’s Brexit vote. Trump is a nationalist, a patriot, not a globalist. Trump is a capitalist, not a socialist or communist. Trump is a pragmatist, not an ideologue or a partisan. Trump is right, this is the last free vote , the last chance for America to turn this ship around and to embrace the Founders’ vision for our people. This is the last chance to return our nation to the great American experiment of self governance, individual liberty and hope for mankind.  We fought this war against the elitists once, but they want us to return to serfdom status again.  The corruption, the incompetence, the lawlessness and the entitlement we see today is what socialism, statism, progressivism, communism, globalism, always brings with it. Socialists believe the ends justify any means and they form a pretty tight crony corrupt club of authoritarian tyranny.

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