The political and ideological manipulation of Charlotte, NC’s inner city neighborhood.

Our President, Hillary Clinton ,Democrat leaders and community leaders have embraced and joined in the poisonous , deceptive, divisive rhetoric of Black Live Matters , a militant Marxist organization hiding behind a faux social justice banner. They all have stoked the fires of anger,  distrust , disrespect, fear, disenfranchisement and lawlessness,  with deceptive, inciting rhetoric.  We have statements that white people are inherently racist  from our President, that Americans are bigoted and intolerant, along with his accusation that our police forces are brutal and unfair to black people and people of color. Why? Why divide this nation and create so much fear, distrust, disrespect and disruption in our inner city communities?

Why? Why have the President, Democrat leaders and community leaders, manipulated our black communities into violent rioting?  Our President told us why he has created and encouraged social disruption across this nation, when he addressed the UN this week.  President Obama wants  America and her people to surrender their Constitutionally protected rights of sovereignty and self governance to unelected authoritarian global governing bodies.  To do that America must have a statist government, not the Founders’ vision of representative government . Only thru social disruption and destabilization can statist policies be forced on America and her people. That is the path we are on. President Obama has governed by executive orders and thru  our powerful over reaching bureaucracies and judiciary, completely ignoring the Constitutionally delegated legislative and spending powers of Congress. For their part Congress has cowardly and lazily delegated  much of it’s legislative duties  to  the bureaucracies. Some in Congress are more worried about their next election, than doing the people’s business. Thanks to Congress, our  government  bureaucracies have grown too  large and cannot be controlled. No one is held to account for their incompetence or corruption.  Our Founders never meant for this to happen. The remedy would be to return most of our Federal Government services back to the states and make defense the first duty of government, again.

Let’s get back to the subject at hand and look at what Democrats do after each shooting incident. They accuse the police of brutality. They accuse America of being an inherently racist, intolerant and bigoted nation. Our President even makes these statements on  the world stage.   In  99.9% of the shooting  cases that are exploited by the left, the dead man had a gun ,a knife  or they used their body as a weapon against police and the shooting is deemed to be self defense, but Democrat leadership and  Black Lives Matters never apologize for their deceit and inciting rhetoric that has encouraged rioting and protests across our nation, instead, they wait for the next shooting to  further, deceive,  incite and divide our people, again. They even repeat the lies of previous protests as we have seen with the “Hands Up Don’t Shoot” propaganda.  The Democrats, the President, other community leaders and Black lives Matters  don’t address the high unemployment, failed schools and increasing violent crime in the inner city neighborhoods. They  protect bad teachers, bad administrators, mandate more punitive. demonizing, no tolerance rules on the children  and they refuse school choice. They increase tax and regulation on our job creators, preventing good paying, full time, job creation and they make the people more dependent on government welfare. They do not secure our borders against the drug cartels, foreign gangs and their poisonous, destructive businesses, which are  the root  cause  of most violent crime in the inner city.  The President , Democrat leadership, Black lives Matters and other social justice groups do not present solutions to fix the problems that make the quality of life for inner city residents so unacceptable.   Clearly,  their agenda is to sacrifice our inner city families  and create more social disruption, division and destabilization in America, all for their vision of political and ideological change.

What do our President and our Democrat leaders do after each shooting event? They incite, they demonize white people and police, with deceitful, divisive rhetoric. They force a once size fits all, controlling  federalization on local police and state police. They try to pass more gun laws that subvert our second amendment rights. They use blaming, victimhood, social justice rhetoric full of empty promises to win elections decade after decade. The Black inner city communities have been manipulated  and sacrificed for political and ideological gains, year after year, by Democrats.   With each social disruption, more statist policies and more federal governance by unelected authoritarian bureaucracies, are forced on our people.

Social disruption and mass immigration without assimilation, create a people without allegiance to our country. This makes it easy to force the tyranny of  unelected, national and global authoritarian governance on us. That is the goal. The leftist elites are trying to bring about a modern day serfdom on the world. They do not believe in the American Experiment of self governance and individual inalienable rights. We have but to look at Brussel’s Euro, to see what change the elites want for our people and the world’s. That Euro’s unelected authoritarian bureaucracy consist of International Corporate Elites, International Financial Elites,Academic leftist and  political leftist elites. I call them the We Know Best Crowd of moral narcissists.

Donald Trump is America’s Brexit vote. That is why the Democrats and the leftist world leaders are in such a panic. Trump is a nationalist, not a globalist. He will always put American interest first.  He is a capitalist, not a socialist. His business friendly regulation and tax reforms along with his inner city empowerment zones will encourage an economic recovery and increase in wealth for all Americans, like no other.  He is a pragmatist, not an ideologue or a partisan.  He and his team will find the needed common sense solutions to our problems and implement them. He will unite  our nation’s people as one.  He will put the security of our nation first and he will govern within the limitations listed in our Constitution.  He has said he will be President of the U.S.A, not the world. He will not intervene in foreign matters. His interventionism will be to  lead by example, to make our nation that shining city on the hill and hope for mankind, again.  However, he will kill Radical Islamists and destroy their barbaric bigoted supremacist doctrine because they have declared war on us.

Hillary Clinton represents the continued surrender of our Constitutional rights to unelected authoritarian governance. She also represents the corruption, the incompetence, the ruthlessness, the greed, the injustice, the lawless governance, the oppression and the inequality that socialism and statism always brings to its people.  She also represents the Moral narcissistic interventionist foreign policies that have destabilized the world.

This election will decide if America will be the free and united nation our Founders envisioned,  or will she join the global elites serfdom agenda that leads to tyranny.



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