Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton

No apologies for following our tax laws. Trump did not write the tax code, that was Congress and the bureaucrats. He has a simplified and restructured tax code on his website. Read It. You wont see any crony cutouts. You will just see a business friendly, job creating, fair and just tax code. Look at it. …….
As for the 3AM tweet about Lisa M, at least we know that Donald Trump will answer that 3AM call that every President gets, unlike Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. As for Lisa M, Trump defended her and rehabilitated her when the Miss Universe bureaucracy wanted to fire her. So what if he is blunt and not politically correct? We have seen our corrupt incompetent leaders hide in sly doubletalk. Typical of Hillary and the Dems, they bring a subject up to demonize Trump and then demonize him for setting the record straight. ……..Bill Clinton is a sexual predator and Hillary has enabled him and destroyed the reputation and careers of everyone of Bill’s women, while Bill just behaved like the weasel cad he is and allowed it. What Bill, Hillary and the complicit media did to the very young intern while he was President, is disgusting.,,,,,,
Hillary Clinton endangered our national security by using her unsecured servers and numerous unsecured wireless devices for State Department business. Was Hillary Clinton’s unsecured server system the back door to the other government hacks? Probably……..Hillary Clinton and her family became multi millionaires, while she was Secretary of State, in a pay to play game in which she gave government access and government favors for Clinton Foundation donations and Clinton Family Speech fees.
If Hillary Clinton becomes the President of the United States, she will continue Barack Obama’s surrender of American sovereignty and Americans’ right to self govern to unelected authoritarian bureaucracies controlled by leftist globalist elites in finance, academia, media, government and business. If we are so unwise to make Hillary Clinton our President we will see more created worldwide social unrest and mass immigration without assimilation. Only by killing nationalism and allegiance to our nation can the globalists force our free people to accept unelected authoritarian governance…..With Trump we know that he will reform and reduce the footprint of all of our government bureaucracies and make them run efficiently and give good service. Right now, no one is held to account for their corruption and incompetence in government bureaucracies. The bureaucracies cannot be controlled and they have allowed themselves to be used as political and ideological weapons. The globalist elite are in a panic because they know Donald Trump will put a stop to their power grab vision. Trump is a nationalist, not a globalist. Trump is a capitalist, not a socialist. Trump is a pragmatist, not an ideologue or a partisan. Trump is America’s Brexit vote.

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