I am still on the Trump Train….Ready for the debate.

I see a lot happened while I was involved with Hurricane Matthew’s destructive path. Electric, air conditioning, TV and internet have been restored, just in time for the Sunday Debate.  ….
I just don’t understand why the elites in Media, Hollywood, Government, Academia, Business and Finance are supporting Hillary Clinton, She has proven how incompetent and corrupt she is over and over again. As Secretary of State she proved what very bad judgement she has. From never answering the 3AM Benghazi phone call to trading government access and favors for Clinton Foundation Donations and Clinton Family Speech fees to destabilizing the world by encouraging revolution and regime change in the Middle East and arming Islamists to depose Kaddafi and Assad she has more than proved her very bad, corrupt, incompetent judgement. She even supported the oppressive Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. Of course she did accept Family Speech fees and Foundation donations from the most oppressive regimes, like the Muslim Brotherhood. Thank goodness, the Egyptians kicked those barbaric Islamists out of power. We continue to shake our heads at the dangerous costly Iran Deal and the costly dangerous Immigration without Assimilation from Islamist hotbed areas, that she supports. Her doubling down on the failed Obama economic policies and the ACA is just insane.  No one is surprised that an unmarried Trump behaved in a sexist insulting crude manner with another sexist insulting crude man. No one is surprised that Trump has used insults against his opposition and as entertainment. It is hypocritical for any man to take the high road because all men indulge in locker room talk. at one time or another. It does not mean that I approve or condone this type of demeaning rhetoric, but insults don’t kill.  I just don’t care about Trumps past insults, I care about the fact that he will work as hard as he can to restore America’s greatness and make her that shining city of hope to all peoples, again.  I do care that Hillary Clinton lies to the public but sucks up to anti American Wall Street and Globalists. as recent leaks prove to everyone. I do care that Hillary Clinton ruthlessly destroyed the lives and careers of all of Bill Clintons women and held them up to public ridicule, thanks to a complicit media. I do care that Hillary Clinton ungratefully demeans  and cusses like a trooper at her own security personnel and police in general.  Hillary Clinton’s actions have killed and maimed thousands. Hillary Clinton’s policies if she is elected to the Presidency, will continue to erode our Constitutional rights and surrender our sovereignty and right to self govern to unelected authoritarian federal and global governing bureaucracies. Hillary Clinton will continue to sell government access and favor for monetary and political gain, only this time it will be from the Oval Office. And then there is Bill, who will bring his sexual predatory nature back to the White House. Donald J. Trump has the right goals and he has found the right people to assist him in accomplishing those goals. The Bible talks about the wisdom of numerous counselors and Trump has that wisdom. From his economic policies that will lead to the employment of all Americans and the improvement of their lives , to his school choice, to his immigration reforms that will answer our economic needs and refugee responsibilities to securing our borders and destroying Radical Islam and its barbaric supremacist political theology, Trump knows what America needs to heal her. Trumps policies and his goals are what is important. Hillary Clinton ‘s Presidency will see the end to the Founders’ experiment of self governance and inalienable rights for all. Trump is a nationalist, not a globalist. Trump is a capitalist, not a socialist. Trump is a pragmatist, a man that sees a problem, finds the solution and fixes it, not an idealist or a partisan. I for one want to fix this nation. I want a return to our Founders vision for us. Hillary will not do that. Trump will.  I can endure a few insults for that outcome.

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