Trump is not intimidated by the former President and First Lady. He revealed their greed, corruption, ruthlessness and deceptions. He revealed her incompetence and dangerous bad judgement.

bill-clintonThe lib media cannot defend who Hillary Clinton is and what she has done, so they demonize, attack and ridicule Trump, just like they did Bills women years ago. …….I believe Bill knows the pooh has hit the fan and the emperor has no clothes to hide the truth. He acted like a Cad, allowed and probably assisted in the destruction, ridicule and demonization of his former lovers. One even said she was raped by him. He used his position of power to supply his predatory nature and sexual perversions.  His legacy is forever tarnished.  However, it is not Bill Clintons sex life that is the issue. The issue is what Hillary Clinton did to Bill’s women and continues to do with a complicit liberal media. She ruthlessly destroyed their personnel and professional lives. She also destroyed a 12 year old rape victim on the stand. Who does that? Democrats have always counted on Republicans civility and manners to not broach the unseemly personnel lives of the Clintons and their corrupt amoral enterprise. Not this time. Trump is not intimidated by their former positions of President and First Lady. He will speak the disgusting truth about them from their greedy pay to play policy that made them multi millionaires to her corruption, incompetence and very bad judgement that destabilized the world,  put our nation and our people at risk. The lib media will not. That is why Americans must depend on the hackers and whistleblowers to reveal the corruption and incompetence of our leaders. Like us all, Trump is a work in progress. He has said this campaign has made him a better person. He has apologized for his past unseemly rhetoric. However sexism and insults will never kill you. Hillary Clinton’s policies and actions have killed thousands. She and Obama have destabilized the world with their encouragement of revolution and regime change in the Middle East. They armed the same Islamists we fight now, to depose Assad and Khadafy. They watched as ISIS and the other Radical Islamists groups grew. They watched as ISIS paraded into Mosul and confiscated American made weapons and equipment. They deserted our people in Benghazi , left them to die, after denying more than 600 requests for more security for Libya.  They supported the oppressive Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. Thank goodness Egyptians had the good sense to kick them out of power. They made a very dangerous costly deal with Iran. We learned today that Iranian troops in Yemen fired missiles at our ship. Why didn’t we fire back? How dangerous is it for Hillary to court another Cold War by constantly accusing Putin and Russia of hacking instead of addressing the leaks themselves that prove her corruption, incompetence, greed and ruthlessness? In the end this election is really about one thing with Hillary. Does America continue to surrender her Constitutional freedoms, sovereignty and right to self govern to the unelected authoritarian state and global governing bureaucracies controlled by the elites from Finance, Business, Government, Media and Academia? In the end this election is about one thing for Donald Trump . Does America return to the Founders vision of small efficient, fiscally sane government, capitalism to create the jobs and environment that allows all Americans to pursue their American Dream and security? Donald Trump promises to return America to that Shining city on the Hill that is the beacon of hope for all mankind. I believe him. I want that.bill-clinton

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