America is fighting for her survival against the Global elites.

Washington and the Obama Administration, including Hillary Clinton, have made a helluva mess both here and abroad. Now we are having a gutter war to distract from the corruption and incompetence of Hillary Clinton and the leaked emails. Thank God for the hackers and the Whistleblowers because the biased media have failed to inform us of our corrupt and incompetent political leaders. The Republican establishment has only themselves to blame for Trump. They did not heed the warning of the Tea Party, the conservatives, the Constitutionalists and the Religious community. Trump’s message is the People’s message to our political leaders. Washington you have made a helluva mess both here and abroad. Your promises of efficient fiscally sane smaller government, immigration reforms, securing our borders, destroying Radical Islam and its monstrous supremacist doctrine HAVE NOT BEEN KEPT. You, Congress and Supreme Court, allowed Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama to destabilize the world by encouraging revolution and regime change in the Middle East. You allowed them to arm Islamists to depose Assad and Khadafy. You allowed them to support the oppressive Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. You allowed them to make a dangerous reckless deal with Iran.
At home, you in Washington, allowed Obama and the Democrats to divide our nation with false inciting race based rhetoric and false police brutality rhetoric. You allowed them to separate our people’s into small ,divisive, selfish groups of grievance and entitlement. . You allowed them to put Marxist groups in our groups to incite and riot . You allowed them to create distrust and disrespect with their deceptive rhetoric. You allowed them to have a mass immigration agenda. You allowed them to encourage our immigrants to stay separate and to not assimilate. Without allegiance/patriotism to our country and our fellow countrymen and with created social disruption, it will be easy to force the Globalist Agenda on our nation.
You allowed them to double our debt to a nation destroying 20 Trillion dollars. You allowed them to use every bureaucracy as a political weapon against our people and their political and ideological opposition. You allowed the bureaucracies and the Obama Administration to never hold anyone responsible for incompetence and corruption. So now reap what you have sown with your incompetence and corruption, Washington. Get on board the Trump train, help him or #WeThePeople will destroy both the Democrat Party and the Republican Party. We are fed up with all of Washington.
We the People are sending you a Trump bulldozer to force you to act. . Yes he has a vulgar, sexist, insulting mouth, but he is the pragmatist leader we need to fix all that is wrong in Washington. Trump and his team have the right goals, it will be up to you to assist them in accomplishing those goals in a constitutional manner. Trump and his team will make sure the solutions are workable and will fix the problem.
Get on board the Trump train or help Hillary Clinton destroy the Republic and earn our scorn. Get on board the Trump train or help Hillary Clinton destroy small business, including farms, coal, oil, natural gas. Get on board the Trump train or allow Hillary Clinton to destroy Americans’ ability to have their American Dream. Trump is right, this is the last free election if Hillary is made President. Hillary and the Democrat Party are not America’s friends anymore. Their agenda is a Marxist globalist agenda. Some of you in the Republican establishment may support that agenda, but know you are going to have to imprison millions of Americans before you can force it on us. We won’t surrender to the tyranny of the global elite, better known as the we know best crowd. This election will decide if America continues to surrender her Constitutional liberties, her sovereignty and her people’s right to self govern to unelected authoritarian governing state and global bureaucracies controlled by the elites of Finance, Business, Government, Academia and Media. This is what is at stake. Our Republic. Our freedom. Trump says this campaign has made him a better man. I believe him.  He has  chosen the right people to counsel him . God has used more flawed men than Trump.  I am voting for him. Trump is our Brexit vote. Trump is our return to the Founders’ vision for America vote.

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