The case against Hillary Clinton.

Donald Trump is right. Hillary Clinton is corrupt and incompetent. She is a self serving liar. Hillary Clinton and President Barack Obama destabilized much of the world by encouraging revolution and regime change in the Middle East. They even armed Islamists to depose Kaddafi and Assad. They supported the oppressive Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, knowingly sacrificing millions to their barbarity. They left Iraq when they could have easily got a status of forces agreement by withholding Iraqi aid. The left a void and a sectarian destabilization that the Islamists filled their barbaric war against mankind. They watched as ISIS and other Radical Islamist groups grew and strengthened. No doubt they thought ISIS would depose Assad, but instead the fanatics started killing, enslaving and oppressing the  Christians, Yazidis, and all who did not except their barbarous bigoted, intolerant, Supremacist Islamist political theological rule over them. They even watched ISIS parade into Mosul and confiscate American made modern weapons and other modern war equipment. They have demonized and tried to strong arm Russia and Putin so much they have almost created another Cold War. Russia is threatening to shoot down our planes in Syria and they have been harassing our planes and ships. They gave the largest funder of terror, Iran $1.7 Billion and put them on a 10 yr path to nuclear weapons. Neither Obama or Hillary Clinton answered the 3AM call from Benghazi. In fact they left our people to die, never even tried to help after months of refusing  over 600 security requests from our State Department Embassy in Libya.
They and the Democrat Party, with their Marxist groups, have created social unrest both here and around the world. They have spread the false narrative of police brutality and inherent racism of Americans, creating division, dissatisfaction, disruption and distrust among our peoples. They have not held bureaucrats to account for their incompetence and corruption. They have used the bureaucracies as political weapons against their political and ideological opposition and they have used the bureaucracies to protect the corruption of our Democrat leaders. Obama did not stop Hillary Clinton from selling access and government favors for the Clinton Foundation Donations and Clinton Family Speech Fees that made her a powerful multi millionaire. Obama did not stop her from accepting money form oppressive dictatorial criminal foreign nations.  He did not stop her from facilitating Crony Deals in places like Haiti and many of the African nations like a modern day Civil War Carpetbagger stealing the riches of poor countries. Why? And now that Obama knows her corruption, why does he still support her? They have opened borders and encouraged mass immigration without assimilation both here and abroad.
The Democrats, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have regulated and taxed our nation into a stagnated Main Street economy and they have wrote regulations and taxes to benefit International Business, Finance and Wall Street, who have prospered and grown very powerful–again too big to fail.
What Barack Obama, the Democrats, some Republicans and Hillary Clinton did is beyond criminal, beyond incompetence or very bad judgement, it is traitorous, it is anti American. They have sacrificed so many people for their ideological vison. They have sacrificed what is good for America and her people to their political and ideological vision.
I think they destabilized the world deliberately, exploited every crisis with zealot fanaticism, even created economic and social crisis’s to exploit, all to force more statist and global elite governance on us and the world. Without nationalism and allegiance to country and countrymen, it will be easy to force unelected authoritarian governing bureaucracies controlled by the elites in finance, business, government, media and academia on us and the world’s people. They want control of all of us. In their arrogance, hubris and amoral narcissism, they think they know best and they think they are entitled to rule over us. That is what Climate Change is all about. The global elite want control of all our resources and their use….all for greed, power and control of the masses.

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