Dissecting the Democrats War on Cops

There are three disparate groups involved in “The War On Cops” which have caused not only increasingly violent social disruption but have also caused the deaths and injury of several police officers this past year. There are the agitators, the hashtag social do gooders who want to help and the exploited, angry, distrustful , disenfranchised large black populations in our inner cities.

Who are the agitators who spread the deceptive information and demonization of police and white people? Amazingly they are led by our President and our Democrat leaders, working with Marxist groups like Black Lives Matter, the New Black Panthers and the Anarchists groups.  Globalist George Soros, a Marxist billionaire who has caused economic and social problems in other nations, is funding not only the Democrat Party, but he is also funding the professional agitators who lead each protest.

As for the do gooders who have been brainwashed, by our leaders and academia, to believe the false deceptive rhetoric of the left, I wish they would just sit down and start thinking in an independent logical, fact based manner and stop being led by their emotions and inciting rhetoric.

Anyone who lives in an inner city black neighborhood is entitled to feel angry, disenfranchised, hopeless and distrustful. I would. However, that volatile emotion is being misdirected by Barack Obama and his people. Democrats have been in charge of the inner city black communities for decades. For decades they have failed to keep their promise of a better life for the people they represent. It is Democrat leaders who are responsible for  the failed schools, the denial of school choice, denial of excellence through competition, education money following every child, union protection for bad, corrupt, incompetent, criminal teachers and school administrators.  It is Democrat leadership who has allowed the violent poisonous drug cartels and gangs to come into our nation through unsecured borders, causing a spike in crime in the inner city neighborhoods. It is Democrats who have incarcerated and not rehabilitated our black youth, starting with the no tolerance policies in schools. It is Democrat leaders who have created a stagnant part time entry level job economy  through mass immigration, abusive taxes and regulations, causing devastating unemployment in our inner cities.   So, what does the Democrat Party do? Do they take responsibility and fix the problems? No, they lie, distract, incite and blame others for the crappy quality of living for our Black inner city families. They blame police and white people.  They misdirect, they deceive to hide what they have been doing and not doing for decades. They exploit the righteous anger of our Black families and they sacrifice their constituents to the violence of the mob.

In the beginning of his Presidency, Barack Obama took the side of a Professor against a policeman just doing his job. We all remember the beer summit at the White House picnic table. Now our President accuses Americans of white privilege and inherent racism. He also accuses our police of inherent brutality and unconstitutional unfair conduct.  Why would he make such false charges? Why would he cause such division and social unrest?  Why would fellow Democrats, Marxist,Anarchists and a complicit liberal media spread his false rhetoric? The answer to that lies in what he does after each shooting, each created crisis and each riot. First he enforces his charge of white privilege, inherent white racism  and police brutality through deceptive rhetoric and false facts.  He even goes overseas and spreads his false charges abroad, making the world see us as scumbags. During the chaos that he and his people create, he then forces federal oversight and federal rules on our local and state police force involved in each event.  And finally, he, Democrats, leftist activists and the media call for more gun laws that take away our second amendment right to self defense and he demonizes his political and ideological opposition.

What does Barack Obama  hope to accomplish by dividing our nation and creating such anger, disruption, distrust and fear?  What is his goal? What is his endgame. Globalization is the answer. What is globalization? It is governance through unelected authoritarian state and global  bureaucracies controlled by the elites in Finance, Business, Government, Academia and Media, including Hollywood. Barack Obama and his people want to replace our Constitutionally protected inalienable rights and our Founders’ vision of self governance with a modern day serfdom. He wants to return us to the feudal system, hidden from the public by a politically correct faux democracy of nothingness.

Barack Obama,other Western Leaders and the “We Know Best Crowd”, are using the dangerous economic and social disruption of mass immigration without assimilation, created social unrest and the chaos and violence of Radical Islam and its barbaric, supremacist political theology,  to force a global feudalism system on the modern world. Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Democrat Leadership and  other world leaders have no use for Faith, but they will use political theology to further their vision, be it Marxist or Islamist to force their will.

That is the end game and they are well on their way to accomplishing their goals. The world is in chaos from what Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama did and did not do abroad. Here at home, Barack Obama has been governing our nation, our people through executive orders and the tyranny of our lawless uncontrollable politicized bureaucracies.  Our bureaucracies, which are controlled by the elites, are writing laws and regulations. They even have enforcement personnel with arms.

Our Justice Department holds no Democrat or Democrat activist to account for their corruption and incompetency. No one is ever fired.  Hillary Clinton put our nation’s security at risk by using an unsecured private server for sensitive and top secret State Department business and President Obama, the FBI and the DOJ did nothing before she was caught or after.  Were Hillary Clinton’s unsecured private servers and numerous unsecured wireless devices hacked and used as backdoors to other government and private sector hacks. Probably.  Did Hillary Clinton sell government access and favor to foreign nations, business and individuals, in exchange for Clinton Family Speech fees and Clinton Foundation donations? Hell yes an the Clinton’s became powerful multi millionaires from their pay to play schemes.

Donald Trump is right. This election will be our last free election if Hillary Clinton is made President.



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