America’s Hispanic Voters and America’s immigrants

American Hispanic voters should remember why they and their families fled their home countries. They fled because their home nation’s government was oppressive, corrupt and incompetent.  Hispanics could not provide for their families. Others  fled to America, because there was so much violence and social disorder coming from drug cartels. Indeed all Americans should remember that most of  our ancestors fled the oppression in their home countries in hopes of obtaining the American Dream of financial independence and the individual’s right to self govern, along with the individual’s Constitutionally protected inalienable rights.

Many South American governments, including Cuba, have Marxist governments and all the crony corruption, oppression and incompetence that all statist governments create. Isn’t that what is happening in America today?  Do we not have an obscene pay to play game in Washington that our leaders and their cronies profit from? Do we not have a former Secretary of State, who is running for President, who gave government access and favor in exchange for Clinton Foundation donations and Clinton Family Speech Fees. Didn’t she and her family become powerful multimillionaires during the Obama Administration? Yes.

Many South American nations, including Mexico, have a substantial criminal influence oppressing their people and bribing their leaders, from the drug cartels to terrorists to criminal gangs.  Isn’t that what is happening in America today? Isn’t the increased violent crime in our inner cities coming from the drug cartels, the gangs and their obscene businesses?  Who thought America would ever have such a dependency on foreign drugs, much less  a problem with sexual slavery and human trafficking?  Aren’t the radical Islamic terrorists infiltrating the refugee population and illegal immigrants? Aren’t some Muslim immigrants refusing to assimilate? Yes. Yes. Yes.

Many Hispanic nations have a political theology infecting their religious community, called Liberation Theology . Isn’t that happening in America today? Didn’t we just read a Podesta email from Wiki Leaks proving Democrats disparage, dismiss and ridicule Catholics and Evangelics , showing they have no use for the faithful, unless those faithful have a political theology that they can exploit to advance their statist global vision for America. Weren’t Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle members of the Marxist Black Liberation Church?  Aren’t both Tim Kaine and Bill De Blasio affiliated with the Sandinistas and Liberation Theology?  Yes. Aren’t Democrats, including President Obama and Hillary Clinton great supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood, another political theology? Yes.

Many Hispanic nations are governed by unelected, authoritarian leftist bureaucracies control by the elites and their cronies. They hide behind the words Democracy and Republic, but they are statist governments. Sometimes the bureaucracies are controlled by a small group of elites or a strongman and his cronies, who enrich themselves by confiscating all the businesses and  resources. Isn’t that what is happening in America, today?  Hasn’t Barack Obama governed by using executive orders and through the bureaucracies. Hasn’t he used the bureaucracies to tax and write costly oppressive regulations, completely ignoring the Congress?  Haven’t those taxes and regulations made a stagnant economy of mostly part time entry level jobs? Don’t we have 95 million workers not working and aren’t  48% of our jobs full time?  Haven’t some of those taxes and regulations oppressed our first amendment  rights?   Yes. Yes. Yes.    Hasn’t Barack Obama used the bureaucracies as political weapons against his opposition?  Isn’t it the case, no Democrat and no Democrat employee, is ever held to account for his corruption and incompetence under the Obama Administration. Isn’t it a fact that President Obama does not obey or enforce some of our laws? Yes, all of that is true. We have a lawless Presidency. Haven’t Washington insiders and their cronies gained wealth and power at the expense of regular Americans? Yes. Hasn’t the greed, incompetence and corruption of our leaders doubled our debt to a nation destroying level?  Yes.

All Americans, including our Immigrants should remember why they are in America. Our ancestors fled the hellish lives created by the tyranny and oppression of the elites.  Haven’t our government and her leaders become oppressive to our people?  Are we not becoming the nations of serfdom that our ancestors and families fled from? Yes.

Donald Trump has the right goals and he has the right people to assist him in accomplishing those goals. I agree with his goals, as do most Americans. Yes, he has been a sometimes vulgar, sexist insulting man, but he says the campaign, the seriousness of our nation’s imminent peril and his family have changed him. I believe him.  His ego, his  narcissism , his inherent determination to win, will demand that he is successful in accomplishing his goals for economic recovery, repair of national security programs including border security, immigration reform that answers our economic needs, our  security commitment and our refugee responsibility in a fiscally sane and efficient manner, repairing foreign relations and destroying Radical Islam and its barbaric supremacist political theology.  I have faith he will accomplish what he says he will. I believe him.

This election is about one thing and one thing only. Will America continue to surrender her sovereignty, her peoples’ Constitutionally protected inalienable rights and her peoples’ right to self govern to unelected authoritarian state and global governing bodies controlled and manipulated into compliance, by elites in Finance, Business, Government, Academia and Media, including Hollywood? That really is what all the created social disruption and mass immigration without assimilation is all about.  The global elites know that they must destroy nationalism, patriotism and allegiance to our country and our people.  Accusing police of brutality and racism causes social disruption, division, distrust and chaos. That destroys patriotism. Accusing whites of inherent racism causes social disruption, division, distrust and chaos.  This destroys nationalism, too. That is what Barack Obama and the Democrats have done to divide our nation, pitting one group against another, blaming whites and police for the quality of life in the inner cities, instead of taking ownership of the fact that it was Democrat  decades long  corrupt and incompetent leadership, that created failed schools, increased violent crime and high unemployment.  All this destroys our peoples’ allegiance to country and unity among our people. Without allegiance to our country and our people, it will be easy to force the tyranny of a modern day serfdom on our people. Trump is our Brexit vote. Take it. America. We lose our Republic if we put Hillary Clinton in the Oval Office. We return to the Founders’ vision for our nation and her people, if we put Donald J Trump in the Oval Office.  He says he will unite our nation  and he will be President for all of us. I believe him.




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