Donald Trump is right. This will be the last free election if we elect Hillary Clinton as our President.

The global elite, like Hillary Clinton , the Democrat leadership and Barack Obama who want to force the tyranny of unelected authoritarian bureaucracy controlled by the elites in Finance, Business, Government, Academia and Media, on the Land of the free, are in a panic. They are willing to neuter our Constitutional inalienable rights, cheat, steal the election using voter fraud, lie, intimidate, burn GOP HQs, riot, destabilize and censor. If anyone ever wondered why Barack Obama gave the internet away to a globalist unelected  authoritarian bureaucracy ….this is just a start of their tyranny against We the People. Our voters are depending on whistleblowers, like Wiki Leaks and hackers to reveal the corruption, greed and incompetence of our leaders because our media will not and our bureaucracies have been politicized and used as political weapons against the Democrat opposition. Trump is right, this is the last free election if we elect HRC.

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