Trump is with me.

Donald J. Trump is with me. He will always put America first. He will never sell access and favor for personnel gain. He will not pay agitators to create disruption and violence at Her rallies. He will never encourage his voters to cheat on the vote, let alone pay and train them to do so.. Every person that votes more than once, cancels another citizens vote, they silence their neighbors voice. You wont get change with Hillary Clinton. You will get Obama’s failed dangerous foreign policy, open borders, increased violence and created social disruption at home and abroad. With Hillary, you will get a stagnant part time, entry level job economy on steroids, but with the drama, greed, incompetence, ruthlessness and corruption that the Sociopathic Clinton Family and their criminal entourage always brings with them. Trump is with me. He has the right goals for defense, for the economy  and for bureaucracy reform. He has chosen the right people to assist him in accomplishing those goals. Trump is for me. I like that.

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