Regarding the trashing of Director Comey by the MSM

Have you guys in the Main Stream Media gone completely insane?  This is NOT a Comey scandal. This is another Clinton scandal. My God, look at what she did. She did sensitive and top secret State Department Business on an unsecured server that a baby could have hacked! There is NO way she could have done her job without sensitive and top secret material. Ask the questions. Use your common sense! Was the Clinton unsecured server system ,which included several servers and numerous wireless devices, HACKED? Yes. Was the unsecured Clinton server system used as a back door to other government hacks, the DNC hacks, Yahoo hacks and Clinton crony hacks? Probably. How many entities hacked the Hillary Clinton server system and what the hell did they get and use against our nation? My God, Hillary Clinton is the dangerous person, not Trump. He has built an empire, so his judgement and his instinct have to be excellent, unlike Hillary’s. What the hell are you thinking, MSM? You are putting our whole nation at risk with your manipulation, obstruction and silence, because of your partisanship, cronyism and globalist ideology.
Believe me, most Americans do not think that replacing our Constitutional right to self govern with the tyranny of elite controlled unelected authoritarian DC and global  bureaucracies is a good thing. That is really what this election is all about, isn’t it? The elites forcing a modern day serfdom on We the People. We see that President Obama has governed thru executive actions and the bureaucracies, writing laws, creating taxes and making regulations that favor big business, ignoring Congress, using the liberal courts to force his vision.  We have seen that our President has surrendered our sovereignty to global bureaucracies.  Hillary Clinton has promised to double down on that globalist and statist agenda.  Believe me, most Americans do not want this. We want Constitutional government, sovereignty, security, and our individual rights to prosper and the opportunity to pursue our American Dream.  This election is about the elites vs the common man. Donald Trump is the people’s voice. Hillary represents the elite and the establishment that seek to enslave our people.
Any reasonable person would realize Hillary Clinton set up a private server so that she could hide her criminal pay to play schemes and her corrupt cronyism, that made her family very powerful and influential multi millionaires.
The media is going on and on about Trump’s temperament, inferring he is reckless, that maybe he will use our nuclear weapons, but Trump is a non interventionist. His success in both his private life and his business proves he is not reckless.  He says he will work with his military and destroy ISIS and other Islamists in Syria, probably work with Russia to do it and then come home, but he is a pragmatist and sees the money we spent in the Mideast as wasted. It is Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama who have destabilized the world by creating social unrest both here and abroad. It is Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama who have urged revolution and regime change in the Mideast. They armed Islamists to depose Assad and Khadafy. They supported the oppressive Muslim Brotherhood, and mother of all the Sunni Radical Islamist groups in Egypt. They watched as ISIS paraded back into Mosul and armed themselves with modern American made weapons and war equipment. They have used the UN’s global initiative, The Responsibility to Protect for an accuse to intervene.    How stupid reckless is all that?
My God, look at what Hillary Clinton has done to us. Wake up. MSM.  Trump and his team’s economic plan will rebuild the Middle Class and the ladder of upward mobility for the poor. Trump and his team will secure our borders and re build our military to defend us. Trump and his team will reorganize, reduce and reform our politicized, corrupt, incompetent bureaucracies, making them all work efficiently and in fiscally sane manner. I say Trump and his team because he realizes he cannot do all that needs to be done without the expert advice of others. Have you looked at who he has chosen to assist him, to advise him,  in accomplishing his goals?  Their excellence proves Trump’s good judgement and good instincts. America needs a pragmatic leader with common sense, without a  partisan, crony or ideological agenda. Trump is beholden to know one. He says he will do what is best for all Americans. He says he will put America first. I believe him.  He has said he will work with Congress to fix this nation. He realizes there are three equal parts of government, each with their Constitutional mandates.  Have you laid out Trump’s vision? NO. Open your eyes, MSM. Our nation is dying, our Republic is being destroyed and the Hillary Clintons of this world, the global elite, are the reason. Look at the mess the DC insiders have made and look at the harm they have done to us.
The media, the press, should be on the people’s side. The media should be protecting our people from the modern day serfdom the global elites want to force on us. The Founders believed a press that is free to investigate and criticize the government is absolutely essential in a nation that practices self-government and is therefore dependent on an educated and enlightened citizenry. They also realized that mankind had many flaws and the media too often take advantage of their freedom and publish lies and scurrilous gossip that could only deceive and mislead the people. Jefferson himself suffered greatly under the latter kind of press during his presidency. But he was a great believer in the ultimate triumph of truth in the free marketplace of ideas, and looked to that for his final vindication.  I hope Jefferson was right, because We The People sure need an ally in the press.

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