The case against Hillary Clinton becoming our President.

Look what Hillary Clinton did. She sold access and government favor to those who donated millions to the money laundering operation of the Clinton Foundation, along with millions in Clinton Family Speech fees. She took millions and gave favors to the same nations , the same people who support terror around the world. She facilitated the  sale of riches from impoverished nations to her cronies. She facilitated the sale of 20% of US uranium to Russia, for millions. Russia sold it to Iran.  Her greed and ambition have no boundaries.
Her server was hacked. A baby could have done it. Were those hacks used as a backdoor to all the other hacks in government, the DNC and Hillary Cronies? Did some of that hacked information put our people, our government our soldiers, our embassies and CIA in danger. YES! YES! YES!. The woman has no common sense, she is reckless and she has, at the   very least, very bad judgement and bad instincts. Weiner copied her server emails(650,000) and his laptop was breached at leased 5 times according to the NYPD. The FBI is going after the Foundation for racketeering. OPEN YOUR EYES HILLARY VOTERS.
Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have destabilized the world with their interventionist foreign policies. They encouraged revolution and regime change in the Middle East. They armed Radical Islamists to depose Khadafy and Assad. They left Iraq, allowed ISIS and other Radical Islamist groups to grow and threaten the world. They watched as ISIS paraded into Mosul and confiscated modern American made war equipment and arms. They tried to force Russia to give up its sovereignty to the tyranny of unelected authoritarian global governing bodies controlled by elites in Finance, Business, Government, Academia and Media……just like they are trying to do here. It is what this election is all about. They encouraged revolution and regime change in the Ukraine to defang Putin’s influence. The Ukraine lost Crimea. Look at the destabilized world. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama made that.
Look at what Hillary Clinton did as our Secretary of State. She is a criminal, a grifter, a corrupt, incompetent, reckless, amoral, greedy, ruthless sociopath. We cannot have her as our President. She will destroy the Republic.

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