Obama sends his surrogates of chaos out to inflame and incite the mob, again.

Having failed to force us to except the criminal Hillary Clinton as our next president, President Obama has shown us tonight he is a duplicitous snake. Publicly, he extends his hand to our next President, Donald Trump, promising to do anything he can to help in a peaceful transition of power, but in the dark, in secret,  he sends his paid leftist surrogates out to incite the crowd and destabilize our nation. All to stop his warped vision for America and the world from being dismantled. Obama, the global elite and the leftist activists are willing to sacrifice the peace and tranquility of the world for their vision. As a side note, the activists should know they and the protesters are just useful idiots, the manipulated puppets used to force through the modern day Serfdom of the Global elite. That is what this election was really all about. America and Britain, said No to the globalist vision of a world of  unelected authoritarian governing bureaucracies, controlled by the elites in Finance, Business, Government, Academia and Media. The Globalists, the We Know Best crowd and the leftists are not willing to accept the will of the people.

Obama has really been the true Manchurian Candidate of the global elite. America and the world have paid for our mistake. Obama and Hillary Clinton have destabilized the world and created social unrest, by encouraging revolution and regime change in the Middle East. They armed the Islamists to depose Assad and Khadafy. They watched as ISIS and the other Al Qaida progeny grew. They watched as ISIS paraded into Mosul and armed themselves with confiscated American made modern war equipment and weapons.

Now, we see Barack Obama and his surrogates of chaos create social disruption and destabilization here.  Only thru destabilization can he force his will. Will the protesters wake up to the fact that they are being used?

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