To the Trump protesters. Here is the Truth. You have been lied to.

To the violent and destructive  Trump protesters:   Whiners…Spoiled Brats..did you ever see Conservatives doing this after Obama became President? No, it is always the left that never accepts the will of the people. Before this election, the left , including our government leaders and media elites, intimidated, coerced and threatened conservatives, making the American people afraid to express their opinion at work, in our colleges, our schools and publicly places, effectively silencing them. It is always the left that tries to intimidate and silence their opposition, using the big foot of coercive government and litigation. It is always the left who hypocritically claim the freedoms in our Democratic Republic for themselves while denying those freedoms to anyone who opposes their ideology, their opinion, their will. Yesterday, President Obama publicly extended his deceitful hand for a peaceful transition, knowing that his Soros paid surrogates of mayhem would be out last night to incite violence and destruction through deceptive rhetoric, distortion and fear tactics. The left has no intention of having a peaceful transition or honoring the will of the people. Who knew a community organizer is really a Sal Alinsky Marxist revolutionary?
To our immigrants, to the American people, you should remember why you and your ancestors fled your home countries. Was it the lawlessness, the violence, the poverty caused by corruption and incompetence of the oppressive authoritarian government? How did the Marxists get into office in South America? Did they lie, deceive and make false promises to right the social injustice caused by the rich and did they promise to redistribute the wealth and give the people their  fair share? Obama’s rhetoric is the same, isn’t it?  How did that work out in your home countries?

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