Why the Progressive agenda was rejected.

Dear Main Stream Media, Dear Liberal Hollywood, Dear Progressive Democrats,

For eight years, we have heard President Obama, the Democrats, liberal activists and Hollywood, preach about diversity, inclusion, tolerance, equality, and the importance of freedom of thought. For eight years we have also seen that they do not live and practice what they preach. Instead liberals have ridiculed, litigated, harassed, intimidated, demonized, lied,  distorted facts, omitted facts and condescendingly dismissed opposition voices.  Truth be told, liberals have been bullies.  Truth be told there has been a silencing agenda by liberals. Truth be told, liberals have been snobby elitists, going so far as to question the education and intelligence of Trump voters and the American people.

So, dear libs, this is the real reason why we voted for Trump. Progressive policies are not working for the regular American. Progressive policies are destroying the opportunity to climb the ladder of success . Progressive policies are destroying the American Dream and the opportunity for all of us to improve our lives.  Progressive policies have destabilized the world by encouraging revolution and regime change in the Middle East. Progressive policies armed Radical Islamists to depose Assad, Mubarak and Kaddafi. Progressive policies led  the world to watch as ISIS grew inside Iraq, invaded Syria and it allowed the world to watch as they paraded into Mosul, arming themselves with modern American made weapons and equipment.  Progressive policies interfered with the Ukrainian election, Russia retaliated and stole Crimea. Progressive policies tried to depose Netanyahu, even going so far as to give American tax money to the opposition candidate. Progressive policies have grown the surveillance state, reduced Constitutional oversight and rule of law normality’s. It is the  same interventionism, the same overreach, the Democrats have accused Republicans of for decades.

In truth, this election is America’s Brexit vote. We vote NO to the tyranny of unelected authoritarian global and DC governing bureaucracies, that are controlled by the elites in Finance, Business, Career Politicians, Academia and Media, including Hollywood. This election, Americans said NO to the “We Know Best Crowd” who have doubled our debt, caused the recession, stagnated our economy, destabilized the world and endangered our security.  This election, Americans said NO to a woman who represented all that is wrong in Washington…..Greed, Corruption, Incompetence, Waste, Fraud, Cronyism, Partisans, Ideologues, and Deceit. In truth, the establishment has scared the hell out of all Americans. Trump is our vote to return to Constitutional governance, small government, fiscal sanity and honor.

And, finally, Dear Liberals, Americans do not understand why an American President and his Party would encourage social unrest by creating crisis after crisis with their accusations of inherent racism and police brutality. We don’t understand a President whose cronies organize and pay protesters to spread the inciting propaganda and riot all over our nation. Most of all, we don’t understand a complicit media who supported their accusations by repeating the lies and distortion propaganda regarding Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown,Eric Garner, inherent racism and police brutality. Americans do not understand a President who goes abroad and accuses his people of inherent bigotry and ingrain violence.  Americans do not understand a President that gambles with his people’s security by allowing mass immigration without assimilation and proper vetting, when he knows what social disruption and economic hardship will be caused for our nation. Furthermore, American workers are tired of being afraid that our liberal bosses will fire us or punish us for our conservative values, independent thoughts and speech.  Americans are tired of being afraid in public spaces because of the  political correct fascism, the anti white hatred and gratuitous violence.      Americans are tired of the created division, fear, hate and distrust in our nation.

This election, America said NO to the Progressive agenda . Americans said NO to partisanship, cronyism and ideology.  This election Americans said NO to  politicized bureaucracies that allow themselves to be used as weapons against the President’s opposition. Americans said NO to Progressive bullies.





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