Dear Jordan and Egypt

Dear King Abdullah 11 and President el Sisi,

Would you be willing to accept the Palestinian people into your nation in exchange for land and world aid to help them assimilate and prosper? Would you be willing to reeducate the Palestinian people, especially the children and teach them to be more tolerant of others and teach them the real peace of true Islam? Teaching children to hate, to be suicide bombers and  Jihadists is an evil, an abomination to God and humanity,  that must be stopped.  Would you be willing to start the peace in the lands of Islam? I am not sure what you will do with Hamas. Deport them to Iran?

The Palestinians have allowed themselves to be used as the tip of the spear against Israel, for far too long. I urge you to help settle this issue and give them peace.  Clearly, the two state solution and the one state solution will not work. The Palestinians have rejected the two state solution over and over again as they will never recognize Israel and will not stop killing the Jews on their own, especially under Iran’s terrorist proxy Hamas governance and Jihadist indoctrination.  Israel being a Democracy cannot accept a one state solution with a people who have promised their annihilation. That would be suicide.

Please, reach out to Israel and start the peace.  It is a start to destroy the supremacist, bigoted, intolerant false Islamist political doctrine that has become an existential threat to all mankind. God and the world will thank you and support you with this first step to peace and sanity.


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