Why President Obama and the liberals scared the Hell out of America and We The People elected Donald Trump to deliver real Hope and Change.

Why President Obama and the liberals scared the Hell out of America and We The People elected Donald Trump to deliver real Hope and Change.

The truth is Barack Obama, the Democrats and the liberal media scared the hell out of America. What they did and what they said did not make sense in the Heartland.  They all lied, manipulated and distorted the truth to the American people to force through the Progressive agenda.  They supported the megalomaniac policies of our narcissistic President with almost religious fanaticism and blind sycophancy. They watched as President Obama governed with authoritarian hubris, through the politicized bureaucracies and executive orders.

President Obama promised us hope and change, but he and his people delivered costly regulation and abusive taxes, including the ACA, that have stagnated our Main Street economy. He delivered mostly part time, entry level new jobs and 95 million American workers not working. He delivered a divided nation with his deceitful, destructive, race baiting rhetoric and support for Marxist and radical leftist groups, like the Muslim Brotherhood,  Black Lives Matters, the New Black Panthers and Occupy Wall Street. He exploited every crisis for ideological and political gains, adding more individual freedom stealing regulations and laws, instead of uniting our nation and fixing the problems to make our lives better. He even created crisis’ to exploit and divide our nation, as with his Fast and Furious program of selling guns to the drug cartel and leaving our borders unsecured so that drug cartels,gang members, criminals and Islamists crossed into our nation with their violence, drugs and obscene businesses.

Barack Obama delivered an unstable world with his egotistical interventionism.  He and the State Department encouraged revolution and regime change in the Middle East, going so far as to arm Islamists to depose Mubarak, Khadafy and Assad. They even made a Deal with the leading sponsor of terror, Iran ,that gave them a legal path to Nuclear weapons in 10 yrs.  They encouraged Middle Eastern immigration to Europe and the US without a proper vetting system and without encouraging assimilation for the Muslim refugees.  Some of the Muslim refugees have engaged in Radical Islamic terror attacks. Some have created Sharia compliant communities in Europe and armed Sharia compliant strongholds in America. Sharia and our Constitution cannot coexist and I doubt that Sharia can coexist with any of the European Constitutions, either. Instead of giving Muslim reformers who reject political Islam and violent jihad a national and international platform, Obama gave the mother of all Sunni Radical Islamist groups, the Muslim Brotherhood, that platform.

Barack Obama watched as ISIS and other jihadist groups grew in Iraq and Africa. He watched as they invaded Syria. He watched as ISIS paraded back into Iraq and engaged in genocide and oppression of their people. He waited until ISIS was so strong, that now it will take many more dead and wounded soldiers to defeat them.  Obama waited until ISIS and the other Radical Islamist groups, are now an existential threat to all of humanity.  His actions and lack of action have destabilized the Mideast and Europe.

On the home front, we have seen our religious liberty denied thru an overreaching ACA and social edicts, supposedly meant to right the inherent racism, inequality and bigotry of America. We also saw an increase in our  surveillance state when it was revealed the NSA dangerously collects all of our metadata. We also saw President Obama try to silence the press thru the unwarranted litigation and spying, wire tapping of James Rosen, his family and Fox News. We saw Fox News kicked out the press pool for a time. Only because the other press members objected and threatened to walk out did Fox gain its seat back. The message was sent though. Play ball, don’t oppose or question President Obama or you will pay the price. As a result, much of our media has become state propagandists and cheerleaders for the Democrats. A vote for Trump was a vote against the liberal bias and bigotry of the press, as much as anything.

And finally, the Democrats elected a very flawed Presidential Candidate, ignoring that she was under FBI investigation for her dangerous unsecured private server system that she used for sensitive and secret State Department business, ignoring the she was also under investigation for a pay to play scheme involving donations to the Clinton Foundation and Clinton Family speech fees in trade for Government access and favor.  Democrats and the liberal media ignored how Hillary Clinton put our national security at risk with her unsecured server system and payment from foreign entities.  They ignored her incompetent negligence when she ignored over 600 requests for security for Libya. They ignored the shameful fact that President Obama and Hillary Clinton did not send help to Benghazi when we were attacked, even though it was proven help was less than an hour away. They ignored the Admiral that was disciplined because he wanted to help and spoke out. They ignored the fact that our people fought the jihadists and got out with the help of former Khadafy militia.  They ignored her lies about a video being the cause of the Benghazi attack and they never asked or investigated why Ambassador Stevens was in Benghazi, a terror haven for Jihadists, on the anniversary of 911. Democrats and bureaucrats stonewalled the investigations and the liberal media allowed it and reported their narrative of nothing to see here.

Donald J. Trump was elected President to drain the swamp of corruption, wasted, fraud and incompetence in Washington. He was elected to defeat DAESH and destroy Radical Islam’s violent, intolerant, bigoted, misogynistic, supremacist political theological doctrine.  He was also elected to stop the interventionist foreign policy that has involved us in conflict after conflict.  Trump was elected to return us to limited Constitutional government that provides efficient, fiscally sane, good service to We The People.  Trump was elected because he is a pragmatist, not an ideologue or a partisan. Trump was elected because he is a capitalist, not a socialist or a globalist. Trump was elected because he believes in the original meaning of the Constitution, individual rights and sovereignty.  Trump was elected because America got the pants scared off them by the progressive anti American agenda of Barack Obama and the Democrats. America rejected governance by unelected authoritarian global and state bureaucracies controlled by the elites in Government, Business, Finance, Academia and Media, including Hollywood and she voted for Trump and individual liberty.


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