Why hasn’t our government secured our data?

Who cares what Assange thinks of us. He revealed the truth, nothing more. Our leaders and their cohorts all knew Hillary Clinton  and her people were corrupt and bigoted…. you did nothing, could do nothing………Every Tom, Dick, Harry, and Nation State have hacked us, probably thru Hillary Clinton’s unsecured servers and numerous unsecured wireless devices. Whoever did business with her, was vulnerable. Assange said the DNC and Podesta emails were not given to him by Russia or one of their hackers. I believe him. Whether you agree with all the releases of Assange, some of them very dangerous, he has never lied and his information has always been right. It is hypocritical of our leaders to demonize Russia for hacking and interfering in elections when Obama has done the same in the Ukraine and Israel. He was even caught hacking Chancellor Merkel’s private phone. We spy on everyone, we try to hack everyone, the NSA even collects everyone’s data. The question is why is our cyber protection not better? Why have we not secured our data, our energy grid and other critical infrastructure? Demonizing Russia is stupid and short sighted.. Why encourage or flirt with another Cold War and the numerous proxy wars that go with it? President Obama has used every bureaucracy for political and ideological weapons, including our intelligence agencies. How stupid, how dangerous, how reckless is it to manipulate and censor intel to fit the President’s narrative? Pretty damn stupid. Pretty damn reckless. Pretty damn dangerous. Who in the hell cares who hacked us….we should be worried what they are doing with that info and we should be protecting our nation, not posturing, blaming, demonizing and doing NOTHING.

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