My letter to the anti Trump crowd.

To the anti Trump crowd,

I ask you to walk in the shoes of our voters who voted for Donald Trump, like me. How would you feel if conservatives treated you with such disdain and dismissal? How would you feel if we treated Barack Obama, Bill Clinton and John Kennedy this way at the beginning of their Presidency? There were dead people voting in all those elections and there were more votes than people in some areas of the nation. The vote was certified in all those elections and Republicans supported their Democrat President and they offered to work with him at the beginning of their tenure .  Case in point, Barack Obama had 7 members of his cabinet approved through a bipartisan vote, by inauguration day. Will Trump have one? Last time Democrats stalled, disrupted and delayed a President setting up his cabinet, we had 911. There is no doubt the delay tactics of the Democrats we are witnessing today, put our nation and our people in danger with its disruption.

It should scare the pants off every American, that our nation is so divided, that we have leaders who encourage anarchy, lawlessness and incite violent protest thru deceitful rhetoric and distorted facts. It should scare the pants off all Americans that we have a no holds barred, ends justify the means, fanatical totalitarian group think going on in the Democrat Party. We hear our leaders repeat a false narrative and accuse America of being inherently racist and bigoted. We hear our leaders cry police brutality across our nation when the facts on the ground do not support their accusations. Everyday we see Democrat activists threaten, litigate and intimidate our fellow conservatives. Everyday, we hear liberals demonize, ridicule, disparage and deny the legitimacy of our new President to be. We see our college campuses become more intolerant of conservative speech and thought, silencing opposition voices thru politically correct rules of conduct and speech codes. They even have free speech zones. Liberal professors have punished conservative students by publicly ridiculing them, bullying them and threatening their grade.  We have seen that Conservative Academia is not employed on our Campuses and in some of our public sector schools. We have even seen our Scientific communities’ opposition research being silenced through intimidation, unemployment and a denial of funding.  Indeed we have seen them teachers and scientists fired when they speak out.  We even see this fanatical intimidation in Hollywood, where conservative entertainers are blackballed, denied work and ostracized. Just this week we see another business, LL Bean, threatened with boycott and protest, because one of their executives supported Donald Trump.  Last year, we saw another executive, this one from Mozilla, forced to step down from his own company by leftist activists, because he supported the Right to Life agenda. Time and time again we see businesses cave to the bullying of liberal activists. We have seen liberal coercive indoctrination in not just our colleges, but also in our High Schools, where teachers incite their students to protest, disrupt, even giving them permission to leave school grounds to do so.  Liberals have become the most intolerant and authoritarian of groups, denying Constitutional liberties through intimidation, ridicule and litigation, to all who oppose their policies.

Despite facts, that Hillary Clinton proved herself to be too corrupt, too incompetent, too greedy, too ruthless, Democrat Leadership put her name on their ballot for President.  How could Democrats ignore the fact that she put us all endanger by doing sensitive and secret State Department business on  her private unsecured servers and numerous unsecured wireless devices, bypassing government accountability and oversight? How could Democrat leadership ignore the fact that she shared sensitive, secret data with Sidney Blumenthal, a man the President Obama said could not be on her staff? How could they ignore the fact that Blumenthal was hacked by two enemy and one friendly nation? How could Democrats ignore the fact that a security risk, Anthony Weiner, had a laptop with Hillary’s State Department emails on it and that it was hacked? How could Democrats ignore the connection that all who did business with Hillary Clinton’s unsecured server system– government bureaucracies, Hillary Clinton cronies and the DNC– were hacked?  How could Democrat voters ignore the danger of Hillary Clinton’s unsecured server system and the deleting and bleaching of half the emails, that when recovered. turned out to be State Department business, government property? How could Democrats ignore the obvious connection between government favor and access to millions of dollars in Clinton Foundation donations and Clinton Family Speech fees? How could Democrats ignore the fact that Hillary Clinton became a powerful, multi millionaire while she was Secretary of State?  How could Democrat voters ignore the over 600 denials for security in Libya by Hillary Clinton, that left our people vulnerable to attack? How could Democrats ignore the fact that Hillary Clinton sent no assistance, did not try to send any assistance to Benghazi when it was attacked, even lied about who attacked us?  How could Democrat voters ignore the failed foreign policy ,that she headed, that left our world in chaos, war and destabilization?

While President Obama speaks of peaceful transition, he also tells our allies that Donald Trump cannot be trusted and cannot have access to their secrets and confidence. It was not just Hillary Clinton, America rejected with our Trump vote, it was the actions and agenda of Barack Obama, also. America rejected dangerously and recklessly using our bureaucracies, including our intelligence agencies and DOJ, as political weapons and propaganda conduits. America rejected Barack Obama’s governing through executive action and the unelected authoritarian bureaucracy.  America rejected Obama’s surrender of America sovereignty, the right of self governance  and our individual inalienable rights to global and state governing bodies controlled by the authoritarian elites in Government, Finance, Business, Academia and Media, including Hollywood. America rejected Barack Obama’s accusation of inherent racism, bigotry and police brutality. America rejected that message on the world stage when he traveled abroad. America rejected Barack Obama’s inciting ,deceitful rhetoric to disrupt and destabilize our nation for political and ideological gains. America rejected Barack Obama’s vision for our nation.


In the end, it was Hillary Clinton’s very bad judgement, her corruption and incompetence that made her unfit for the Presidency. Former Obama  voters in over 200 counties,  said that when they voted for Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton may have the popular vote, but  The Electoral College which protects the right of all 50 states a say in who is their President, reflects the will of the people,  and this time it rejected Hillary Clinton and embraced the goals of Donald Trump. America recognized Donald Trump’s gift for selecting the right people to assist him in accomplishing those goals. We see that belief , that gift in his cabinet choices, today.  They are all pragmatic men and women, accomplished and successful men and women, extraordinarily competent men and women ,  excellent problem solving men and women, patriotic men and women.

Trump voters see a man who will govern within the limitations listed in our Constitution. Trump voters see a man who believes in, who will support and defend the original meaning of our Constitution.  Trump voters see a man who will obey and enforce our laws. Trump voters see a pragmatist, not an ideologue or a partisan and we embrace it. Trump voters see a capitalist not a socialist, communist or Marxist and we embrace it. Trump voters see a nationalist and a patriot and we embrace it. Trump voters support his goals to reduce and reform all government bureaucracies, including Immigration and business friendly tax and regulatory reforms,…. so that they all run in an efficient, fiscally sane, just manner and give excellent service to our people. Trump voters realize the existential danger to our Republic and our individual liberties, that our 20 Trillion dollar debt and endless deficits present. Trump voters know that the only way out of this mess is to grow the economy and create good paying, full time jobs for all our citizens and all our immigrants.  Trump voters support his goals to secure our borders. We recognize it is a national security issue. Trump voters support his goal of keeping alien criminals, drug cartels, gangs and their obscene businesses out of our nation. Trump voters recognize most of the violent crime is connected to the drugs and human trafficking coming through our borders.  Trump voters embrace his goal to destroy ISIS and its violent supremacist intolerant political theology.  Trump voters recognize, it is the political theology that is our true existential enemy, indeed,the world’s existential enemy and that it is that doctrine that must be silenced and denied.  Trump voters embrace his goal of a non interventionist America. Trump voters embrace his goal to lead by example. Trump voters recognize that if America governs within the limitations listed in our Constitution we will return to being the shiny city on the hill, the beacon of hope for individual inalienable rights for all peoples.  Trump voters voted for real hope and change.


Democrat leadership, Hollywood liberals and liberal media, should know conservative, common sense, patriotic, pragmatic America is about to shrug and black list them forever. They have shown great disrespect and disregard for the will of the people.  We the People are appalled by their actions and rhetoric and we reject it. That is not a threat, that is a promise. We are tired of being ridiculed, bullied and intimidated.



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