My open letter to Watergate’s Carl Bernstein.

Carl Bernstein,
Would you really print a dossier of unknown origin, that could not be proven, a document that had been in the press’ hands and FBI, as well as CIA hands for months, that no one made public, because they could NOT prove anything was true in that document, in fact they knew some things were NOT true? Has you ideological and partisan bias clouded your judgement, sir? What if we inserted your name or a member of your family’s name in place of Donald Trump in that deceitful opposition research document and printed it?
Why have you, an internationally renown journalist,  decided to ignore the fact that Barack Obama has used every bureaucracy as a political weapon and propaganda arm , including manipulating intel to fit his narrative?  Obama makes Nixon look like a baby when it comes to using the government bureaucracy as a political weapon. Why have you ignored the fact that Barack Obama has harassed, intimidated, spied on and litigated many members of the press, along with their families and their employers? You and the rest of the Democrats better take the blinders off regarding Barack Obama. He is not going to remove himself from the scene. He is going to take his community organizer skills nationally and internationally, using the  inciting divisive deceitful rhetoric and protest rules of the Marxist Revolutionary Sal Alinsky . Recognize, Barack Obama is a threat to our Republic, not the embodiment for HOPE and CHANGE. Wake UP.

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