Regarding the incendiary divisive response to the Trump Presidency from Rep.Lewis.

Why is no one highlighting the fact that Congressman Lewis attacked, with partisan vitriol, Donald Trump and said his Presidency was illegitimate? To all Democrats and Congressman Lewis, I urge you to read Abraham Lincoln’s Second Inaugural address. This quote struck me as appropriate for today. “Both parties deprecated war, but one of them would make war rather than let the nation survive, and the other would accept war rather than let it perish, and the war came.” Have you chosen war instead of discourse, diplomacy and negotiation? Will you continue to divide this nation with the deceitful, divisive, inciting rhetoric of the past or will you work to unite our nation? I pray you choose peace and doing the best for the American people. Trump and his team are all honorable, successful , accomplished, competent, pragmatic men and women, who are superior problem solvers. I urge you to work with them. Help them fix the problems. Please don’t just be petty obstructionists. Do what is best for all of America.

Sometimes, I think that many Black Leaders want retribution for what was done in the past, not justice, not fairness.  As for the Democrat Party and the leftist activists, I think they just want to exploit the violence and chaos for political and ideological gain. How is it that the leaders of the inner city have indulged in deceitful grievance rhetoric and identity politics,  that incites and builds distrust, anger and social disruption for decades and NOT improved the lives of their constituents by providing good paying, full time employment, excellent education and a safe environment so that they can have the opportunity for their American Dream? Why have Black Leaders built angry, violent protestors, social justice warriors and leftist activists instead of allowing their constituents the opportunities to have a good life? Much the same agenda has been done by Hamas to the Palestinian. Hamas has made the Palestinian people terrorist weapons against Israel with their cradle to grave brainwashing propaganda of hate, false political theology and deceitful rhetoric.  How far are the Democrats willing to go with their false narrative and inciting rhetoric? The fruits of their decades long grievance agenda, is witnessed in the lawlessness, anger and distrust we see today. How far are you willing to go, Democrats?


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