The Liberal Media is setting about to prove the Democrats’ election propaganda thru innuendo, deception and distortion of the truth.

The Liberal Media is setting about to prove the Democrats’ election propaganda thru innuendo, deception and distortion of the truth. Both the biased news reports and the current leftist protest groups are campaigning to delegitimize the Trump Presidency, denying the will of the people in the majority of states.


During the past eight years, the liberal media became the Obama State media, never questioning Obama’s governance through executive orders and unelected authoritarian government bureaucracy. They never question the big government coercion, the intimidation, the litigation used to silence the conservative message. During the election, the liberal media ignored and minimalized the corruption, incompetence and very bad judgement of the Democrat nominee and became a cheerleader for Hillary Clinton and the Democrats, repeating their demonizing message against all Republicans and Trump. After the election, the liberal media, has set out to prove the left’s propagandist accusations of inherent racism, bigotry, and dangerous recklessness against Trump by reporting distorted, innuendo based and deceitful news, instead of truth. They even use ridicule and sly condescending elitist digs to demean, insult and dismiss conservatives, Republicans and Donald Trump. They champion the flawed liberal controlled polls as gospel, despite being so very wrong before the election.  The liberal media are fast becoming the Fake News that Democrats have tried to pin on conservative news outlets.  No one trusts the press after their disgraceful behavior before and after the election. They will have to earn back our trust and the right to be our informative news source for truth.

We see the leftist protest groups in Washington this weekend, all there to protest the election of President Trump. No one has asked, who organized and funded this event? The protest groups are the same leftist groups that have been at all the lawless events around our nation during the Obama Presidency. Violence, disruption, distrust and division have followed in their wake. None of these groups represent me. None of these groups represent the majority of America. Many are loud, coarse, rude and disgusting, but they are a minority, thank goodness.  Trump said he would be President for all Americans, but they will not listen. Trump said he would always put American interests first, but they will not listen. Trump said he would fix the problems of the inner city, the unemployment, the violence and the failed education system, but they will not listen. Trump said he would reduce, reform and reorganize government bureaucracies to provide the opportunity for all Americans to improve their lives and pursue their American Dream, but the protesters will not listen. Trump has shown his love and support for diversity and equality in the life he has lived,  with his employee selections, his family and his friends and acquaintances, not in the empty rhetoric of the politician, but…his opposition will not look.  He who will not look will not see. He who will not listen will not hear President Trump’s message of Real Hope and Change. He who lives in the intolerant, bigoted world of the left will never see the heart of Donald J Trump, nor will they ever see the Forgotten man and his concerns, that Trump sees and hears.

As our Constitution mandates for every election, the American people in the majority of states, put President Trump in the Oval Office. America is a Republic, we do not elect our President by a majority of vote. We allow all states to have a say in who our President will be, otherwise New York and California would dictate governance for the rest of our nation. Bottom line, the American people voted for Donald J Trump because we rejected Obama’s vision, the Democrat Party’s vision for our nation. The American people rejected the  divisive identity politics and the fanaticism of the grievance culture that Democrats and President Obama used to advance their progressive agenda to impose governance by unelected authoritarian state and global bureaucracy controlled by the leftist elites in Government, Finance, Business, Academia and Media .   The Democrats’ inciting, deceitful rhetoric caused rioting, violence, division and distrust. The murder rate and the violent crime have increased because of what they did for political and ideological gains.  Trump is America’s Brexit vote. America said NO to the Progressive Vision, their Marxist big government vision,  forced on us with the use of Sal Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” .

The American people, elected Donald J. Trump to be our President because we know he has a gift to hire the right people to assist him in accomplishing his goals.  When we look at who he chose for his cabinet, we see that gift in neon lights. He has chosen pragmatic, patriotic, accomplished, successful problem solvers, just like he is,  to be his partners in fixing this nation. His goals are our goals. His vision is our vision. It is a vision for a fully employed nation, security both here and abroad, the destruction of ISIS and the supremacist political theology of Radical Islam, limited, reduced, reformed, reorganized Constitutional governance, fiscal sanity  and non interventionist foreign policy that leads by example.  Trump sees our nation united as one people. He told us that a people that are united by love of country will have no room for bigotry, inequality and prejudice.  He see us becoming that shiny city on the Hill and that beacon of hope for the inalienable rights for all the world’s people, that we once were .


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