America chose President Trump’s vision with their vote.

America chose President Trump’s vision with their vote.

Americans made Donald J. Trump our President for logical reasons, not emotional, not partisan and not ideological reasons. America sent a pragmatist, not an ideologue or a partisan to Washington, DC to find solutions to our problems. America sent a nationalist, not a globalist. We love our nation and her people, we pledge our allegiance. We want our sovereignty and individual rights protected, not surrendered to global regulating bureaucracies. America sent a capitalist, a businessman, not a socialist, communist or Marxist. We want free markets and business friendly tax, regulatory and trade reforms needed to create good paying full time jobs for all .  President Trump has appointed men and women to his cabinet who are patriotic, pragmatic, successful accomplished problem solvers, just like he is. Americans sent Trump to the Oval Office because the Hope and Change that he has promised, we want, we believe in. His goals are our goals. Our goals are the goals of all Americans. We just have different solutions and a different way to accomplish them. We tried the Democrat way for eight years. It did not work for the majority of our people in Main Street America. Trump and his team have a different method to improve everyone’s life but they are the same goals of economic independence for all, equality for all and equal opportunities for everyone to pursue their American Dream.. Democrats need to decide if they will be a part of fixing the problems of this nation, improving the lives of our people or if they will be the enemy of the American people, the disrupters, the dividers, the obstructionists. Clearly our domestic policies and our foreign polices are not just hurting our people, but they are hurting the world’s people. We are not just destroying our Republic thru incompetence, corruption, hyper partisanship, intolerant ideology and cronyism, we are destabilizing the world by not seeing the world as it is and by employing ideological driven interventionist policies. We liked the non interventionist vision that Trump espoused. We like that he wants to destroy ISIS and its barbaric supremacist political theology…..and then come home. Trump said America needs to lead by example, obey the original meaning in our Constitution. be that shining city on the hill and beacon of light for all mankind, not by interventionism and coercion. America wants to try the Trump way. It is why we made him President. I ask the Democrats and the protesters, please give him a year before you start to obstruct and bitch. We can’t go on as we are. We are destroying ourselves with the identity politics of division and the blame game of grievance that builds such distrust , disrespect and disruption. . We all want a better America. We all want peace and stability. We all want our American Dream. Let’s try something new. Lets try Trump’s way.


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