Is Climate Change just a way to impose a modern day Serfdom?

Is Climate Change just a way to impose a modern day Serfdom?
Everyone knows the Climate is changing and that it has had major changes in the past, but we do not know how much that change is due to man’s activities, so why not just build the infrastructure that will withstand what Mother Nature throws our way? Why not continue to invest in research and development for cheap and abundant alternative energy sources? Why not use the newest technologies and practices to keep the air, the land and the waters as clean as we can without bankrupting ourselves or reducing our standard of living. There is a balancing act that needs be done and some of our leaders do not use their common sense to find it. One more thing, Science is never settled. There are always new facts that need to be incorporated into what we know. When we politicize science and manipulate data to fit the rhetoric, for the political and ideological gains, of our leaders, we stagnate learning and progress. There is a cult like fanaticism, a disturbing coerciveness, that surrounds the Climate Change agenda that is fascist in nature, unhealthy, abusive and questionable.. We have seen too many leaders ready to surrender our sovereignty to unelected authoritarian state and global bureaucracies that are controlled by leftist elites in Government, Finance, Business, Academia and Media. it makes one question if Climate Change is not a way for elite controlled global governance, a modern day Serfdom. If we allow elites to control the use of our lands, waters, and energy sources, they control us.

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