Let’s try it the Trump Way. Dream Big, America.

Here we have a President who wants to secure our nation both here and abroad, wants a non interventionist foreign policy, wants to destroy ISIS and its barbaric supremacist political theology, wants to make our immigration system answer our security needs, our economic needs and our refugee responsibilities, wants to pass business friendly tax and regulatory reforms, make good trade deals–all to create jobs for everyone, including immigrants, wants to reduce ,reform, replace and reorganize every bureaucracy so that it gives good service to our people in an efficient, fiscally sane manner, we have a President who wants to fix the crime, the unemployment and the failed education system in the inner city and what do we see?….Paid protestors and useful idiots repeating the same divisive inciting rhetoric that has created so much division, disrespect, distrust and social disruption among our people. Here we have a President who has created a cabinet full of patriotic, pragmatic, successful, knowledgeable, accomplished problem solvers, just like him, to partner with him in doing all of the above and what do we see….protestors and activists rejecting our New President and his team and loudly indulging in useless identity politics and grievance. We see protestors who have no solutions, protestors who really aren’t interest in solutions to prove all our lives, protestors just interested in bitching and blaming. When will the Democrat voter realize they are controlled and funded by people who want to destroy the Republic and replace it with a Marxist State? Look at the policies of your leaders. Look what they have done. After each created and natural crisis, look at how they divide us with their rhetoric. Look at what they do after each crisis, they pass more laws to regulate our behavior. Look at how big our government is, how much it has grown. Look who they list as mentors. Mao, Sal Alinsky, Che, Castro, Lenin, Marx, American communists, Frank Marshall Davis, Bill Ayers, Bernadine Dorn, ……Soros has funded most of the protest groups. Look who he is. As a teenager he collaborated with the NAZIs. As an adult he manipulates markets and tries to crash the economies of nations. He funds leftist media and activists groups. He is a multi billionaire supports a global government controlled by elites, like him. Wake up. You are being manipulated and you are the useful fools of a communist and others like him, Democrat voter. 
      The anti Trump protestors will not listen and will not see their own bigotry and intolerance. They refuse to see that President Trump’s goals are the same goals that they espouse. Yes, the solutions to achieve the goals are different, but they are the same goals, security, full time ,good paying job, employment and quality education so we all can have the opportunity to pursue our American Dream.   The progressive vision has failed to achieve those goals for Main street America and the inner cities . So why, America, don’t we try it the Trump way for a year and see if our goals can be accomplished? Why not dream big and see what Trump and his team can do to improve our lives?

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